Early Years Infrastructure Development

In the City of Maribyrnong the number of families with children under 12 years is projected to increase by 30% in the next fifteen years.

In response to this projected population growth, Maribyrnong City Council is investing in quality early years facilities.

By undertaking a series of redevelopments between the period of 2011 to the end of 2016, Council will have created 141 new long day care places and 142 kindergarten places.

These developments have included:
  • Clare Court Children’s Service (2011)
  • Maidstone Child and Family Children’s Centre (2014)
  • Braybrook Early Years Centre (2015)
  • Maribyrnong River Children’s Centre (2016)
  • Church St Children’s Centre (construction to commence soon)

If you have any queries regarding infrastructure development in the early years please call the Early Years Capital Works Project Officer on 9688 0200.

Maribyrnong River Children’s Centre

Council’s focus on investing in quality and contemporary early years facilities for the community has reached another milestone, Maribyrnong River Children’s Centre has now completed its redevelopment!

The redevelopment has been in planning since 2014 with representatives from the Centre working alongside Council to develop an up to date facility for children, families and staff.

The service now has upgraded indoor and outdoor educational play spaces, an extra consultation room for Maternal and Child Health Services and is better equipped to meet best practice outcomes.

The long day child care service now offers 112 child care places, an increase of 50 child care places.

Thank you to the Maribyrnong River families, staff and ECMS (Early Childhood Management Services, the service manager) for working so closely with Council and contributing to the delivery of this fabulous upgrade.

It is anticipated that the refurbished facility will be celebrated with a community opening in 2017 so watch this space!

Church Street Children’s Centre 

In December 2016, Council decided to move Church Street Children’s Centre towards the option of a total demolition of the existing building, so that the building can be totally redesigned.

This decision allows a range of opportunities including:
- Up to date learning spaces for young children
- Improved staff amenity
- Improved parking for the site
- The implementation of environmentally sustainable design which will include solar panels, increased insulation, natural light and alternative construction materials.

During the time of construction the Church St Children’s Centre is still operating and has been relocated to Maribyrnong Community Centre.

Contact Early Years Capital Works Project Officer on 9688 0200 for more information.