Long Day Childcare FAQ's

Where is my child on the waitlist?

The order that children appear on the waitlist depends on the Priority of Access criteria(PDF, 598KB) , the child's registration date, the active date, the age of the child required to fill the vacancy, the demand for a service, and the vacancies that occur at the service.

When will I be offered a long day childcare place?

It is difficult to predict the length of time that children will be on the waitlist before an offer is made.

Council's Central Registration System produces a waitlist of registered children based on families' Priority of Access(PDF, 598KB) , activation date and the days required.

We supply this list to the long day childcare providers who make offers directly to families when a vacancy occurs. Vacancies may occur at any time of the year as families' circumstances change.

You will only be offered a vacancy if it matches your registration preferences.

Why have I had to wait for a long day childcare place?

There are a number of factors that can impact on waitlists including vacancies being offered to families who already attend the service and require additional days or a place for siblings.

How will I be contacted when a vacancy occurs?

The service will contact you by phone or email to discuss your options. You will have 24 hours to respond.

Once I have accepted a place, what do I do if I want to change or add days of care?

You can discuss any changes or needs you have with the service and will be put on the centre's internal waitlist for additional days.

If I don't accept a place, will I lose my position on the long day childcare waitlist?

If you decline an offer and want to remain on the CRS, you will be asked to update your preferences and/or the active date. You can only decline an offer once if it matches your registration preferences. If you refused a second offer, you will be issued with a new registration date. This may delay additional offers.

Do all long day childcare services offer 4-year-old kindergarten?

Most do. These flexible kindergarten programs operate in long day childcare settings throughout the year during school terms and are offered by qualified kindergarten teachers.