3-Year-Old Program FAQ's

How are places allocated?

The CRS produces automated offers to registered children. Offers are based on Priority of Access criteria.(PDF, 598KB)

When are offers made?

Offers are made from August in the year before a child is eligible to attend. You will be contacted by Council's CRS team to advise of an offer. Offers will continue to be made until all vacancies are filled.

Will I be contacted if I don't get a place?

Yes. Families not receiving an offer will be notified offers have been made and when the next round of offers will be.

Can I defer?

Yes. You can defer the offer to the next year. You need to contact CRS to update your registration details to reflect the decision. This doesn't guarantee the same offer and/or placement in the same service the following year.

If I accept a place, can I still remain on the waitlist for my higher preference/s?

Yes. If the offer you receive is not your first preference, you can accept and stay on the waitlist for a higher preference. This option is available up until the end of October. If a higher preference does not become available you will be contacted to either accept the original offer or discuss other options.

If my child attends a 3-year-old program will they be given priority for 4-year-old kindergarten at the same service?

Yes. Although there is no guarantee of a place being offered, a child placed and attending a 3-year-old program is given a slightly higher priority for 4-year old kindergarten as long as their first preference is the same as the 3-year-old program they are currently attending. This only applies to residents of the Maribyrnong municipality. All children must be registered for 4-year-old kindergarten on the CRS to be considered for a kindergarten offer.

Can my child attend a 3-year-old program for a second year?

Children will be considered for a second year where supporting documentation is provided by the teacher or health care professional. The number of offers made depends on the demand and the vacancies that occur at the same service.

Can my child attend more than one 3-year-old program?

Yes. However a child can only attend one 3-year-old program on the CRS.