4-Year-Old Kindergarten FAQ's

How are places allocated?

The CRS produces automated offers to registered children. Offers are based on Priority of Access criteria.(PDF, 598KB)

When are offers made?

Offers are made from July in the year before a child is eligible to attend. You will be contacted by Council's CRS team to advise of an offer. Offers will continue to be made until all vacancies are filled.

What happens when I accept an offer?

The kindergarten service will be notified of your child's placement. They will contact you towards the end of the year for orientation and enrolment.

What happens when I decline an offer?

If you did not receive your first preference you may decline the offer and remain on the waitlist for your preferred kindergarten/s until a vacancy occurs.

What happens if I don't respond to the offer?

Families are required to respond to an offer within a specified time. Where a response is not received, there will be at least two attempts to contact the family before withdrawing the offer and the kindergarten registration removed.

What happens if I don't receive an offer during first round?

You will remain on the waitlist for your preferred kindergarten/s for subsequent round offers.

Will I be contacted if I don't get an offer?

Yes. Families not receiving an offer will be notified offers have been made and when the next round of offers will be.

If I'm not offered my first preference will my child be placed in a service I don't want them to attend?

Families will only be offered a place in a service they have selected. If there are no vacancies in their chosen kindergartens they have the option to accept ta place in a kindergarten that still has vacancies, or alternatively they can remain on the waitlist for their chosen kindergartens until a vacancy occurs.

Can I defer?

Yes. You can defer the offer to the next kindergarten year. You need to contact CRS to update your registration details to reflect the decision. This doesn't guarantee the same offer and/or placement in the same service the following year.

If I accept a place, can I still remain on the waitlist for my higher preference/s?

Yes. If the offer you receive is not your first preference, you can accept and stay on the waitlist for a higher preference. This option is available up until the end of October. If a higher preference does not become available you will be contacted to either accept the original offer or discuss other options.

Can I change my preference during kindergarten offers?

You can change your preference up until 29 June the year of allocation. No changes can be made to preferences during kindergarten allocations.

How are offers decided?

Offers for kindergarten places are determined on an annual basis according to Priority of Access criteria.(PDF, 598KB)

Prior to first round offers kindergarten services will confirm the total number of available places and inform CRS of all pending second year children.

For first and second round offers the CRS will notify families by letter or if registered with the online portal via text message in the year prior to attendance. Families are required to reply by the specified date.

Offers will continue to be made for waitlisted children to fill remaining vacancies or as vacancies occur after first and second round offers are complete.

Families offered a kindergarten place after first and second round offers will be contacted by phone, email or text message and are required to respond by the due date.

What happens if I'm unable to be contacted when offers are made?

Families unable to be contacted for a period of time are requested to provide alternate contacts or proxies by notifying the CRS preferably in writing with:

  • How long they'll be away and return date.
  • The name, address and contact details of the person given permission to act on the family's behalf while away.
  • Email addresses where information may be sent directly during time of absence.

Families registered via the online portal can keep track of the progress of their registration by logging onto the portal.

Why isn't the registration date used for kindergarten offers?

The registration date was removed after an extensive review of the CRS in 2013. This was to ensure there were no barriers for children accessing a kindergarten program in line with the Department of Education and Training and Municipal Association of Victoria Central Registration Guidelines.

Can my child attend two years of 4-year-old kindergarten?

The State Government provides children with one year of funding to attend 15 hours of kindergarten per week in the year prior to commencing school.

In exceptional circumstances where a child displays two or more areas of developmental delay, the child's kindergarten teacher can apply for an additional year after discussion with the family and the Preschool Field Officer.

A second year of kindergarten will be considered provided the child will achieve better outcomes at kindergarten than if they go to school.

Families of eligible children must apply for an exemption from school if the child is turning six at any time in their second year of kindergarten attendance.

What is Early Star Kindergarten?

Early Start Kindergarten enables vulnerable children access to two years of free or low cost kindergarten.

This may include a three-year-old program offered by a qualified teacher. To be eligible for Early Start Kindergarten a child must be three by 30 April in their year of attendance, identified as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or known to Child Protection or referred to Child FIRST.

I want my child to attend the kindergarten program in the long day childcare service they are currently attending. Do I still need to register for 4-year-old kindergarten on the CRS?

Yes and you need to notify the service and CRS. Your child will be given priority provided the service is your first preference for kindergarten and your child continues at the same service in the year of kindergarten attendance.

What is an unfunded kindergarten place and can I access a place for my child?

 A child that is ineligible for a second year of kindergarten may be offered an unfunded kindergarten place. This is available only after all other children have been placed for their first year of kindergarten. The family will pay full fees and must withdraw fro the service within a notice period of two weeks for any children eligible for a funded place.