Long Day Childcare

COVID-19 has caused a significant change to a lot of families’ lives, and to ease some of the pressure on families, Council has amended the Central Registration System Guidelines (CRS). The following Guidelines have now been implemented and will be in place until 31 December 2020 with a review nearer the end of the year:

  1. A child enrolled in a Long Day Care (LDC) service can withdraw from the service (in line with the service policies) and will be returned to the CRS wait list with their original registration date. This is if the family needs to withdraw due to COVID-19.
  2. Where a child is on the wait list for an LDC place and the parent is unable to accept the offer of a place due to COVID-19, the family can choose to decline the offer of a place without shifting their place on the waiting list. 

Long Day Childcare

 What is Long day childcare?

Long day childcare provides play-based learning programs delivered by qualified early years professionals.

Long day childcare offers a full day of education and care.

Most long day childcare services offer an integrated 4-year-old kindergarten program provided by a qualified kindergarten teacher.

Long day childcare services adhere to the Priority of Access Criteria.(PDF, 598KB)

At what age can my child attend?

Long day childcare caters for children of all ages up to six-years-old or before they start school.


Has your child been immunised?

Children need to be immunised to attend long day childcare and/or kindergarten.

You will need a copy of your child's immunisation schedule to enrol.

Immunisation sessions are offered by Council's Maternal and Child Health Service.


How much does long day childcare cost?

Costs are charged direct by the individual long day childcare service

Contact your preferred service/s for schedule of fees.

Financial assistance is available

Financial assistance may be available. Families may be eligible for fee subsidies including:

  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) - to help children who are at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • Additional Child Care Subsidy (grandparent) - to help grandparents on income support who are the principal caregiver of their grandchildren
  • Additional Child Care Subsidy (temporary financial hardship) - to help families experiencing financial hardship
  • Additional Child Care Subsidy (transition to work) - to help low-income families transitioning from income support to work.

Visit www.my.gov.au to create and then access a Centrelink online account, to make Child Care Subsidy claims and view the status of claims.

Important dates

You can register for long day childcare at anytime after your child is born.

Services make offers as vacancies become available.

October - December - Services offer places for the following year.

Find long day childcare services

For a list of all community-managed long day childcare services in the City of Maribyrnong.

Register your child for long day childcare

Find out everything you need to know about registering your child through our Central Registration Service (CRS), including how to register.

Keep your details up-to-date

It is essential you keep your contact and preference details up-to-date, so you have the best chance of being offered a place at your preferred service/s.

You can update your details at anytime through the CRS online portal or by contacting our CRS team.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional queries about long day childcare, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need further assistance please contact us: 9688 0116 or earlyyearscentralregister@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au