Planning for the future

Strategy for Children, Young People and Their Families 2030

This single strategy builds upon the success of three previous strategies using the ARACY, (Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth) "Nest” Framework

The strategy outlines guiding principles and strategic objectives to support decision making around program development and delivery, planning, partnerships and advocacy for and with children and young people, and their families from birth through to 25 years, until 2030.

Strategy for Children, Young People and Their Families 2030(PDF, 3MB)

The strategy is based on current research, demographic information, best practice and reflects the views of the community, with over 1,100 community voices, as well as internal and external stakeholder consultations.

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It provides the overarching framework from which Council’s Maternal and Child Health, Early Years, Youth Service and other relevant areas of Council will develop work priorities in their annual action plans. At the end of each financial year a report card on the year's achievement will be published.

Infrastructure Developments and Planning 

Maribyrnong City Council is making significant investments in supporting infrastructure for the delivery of family, children and youth services. This includes long day childcare, sessional kindergarten, and maternal and child health, Phoenix Youth Centre and facilities that include, children and young people.

Over the last six years the Council has completed several major constructions, including:

These developments have included: