Disability access

A MetroAccess Officer is located in every local government area and they aim to increase the participation of people with disability in their local communities. We assist people with disability to access education and training, transport, health, accommodation and housing, built environment, sport, recreation and the arts. MetroAccess is part of the Building Inclusive Community Program, Department of Health and Human Services.

Accessible parking permits

We issue Disabled Persons Parking Permits (accessible parking) free of charge to residents with disability who live in the City of Maribyrnong. Organisations recognised by the City of Maribyrnong as providing a transport service for people with significant ambulatory or intellectual disabilities may also apply. Are you eligible for an accessible parking permit?

Recharge points for wheelchairs and scooters

There are locations throughout the City of Maribyrnong to allow you to recharge your wheelchair or mobility scooter

Talking taxis

Talking taxis makes it easier for you to communicate clearly with taxi drivers and their passengers. It comprises a set of picture boards, personal journey cards and an alphabet board. These tools are free to download and are particularly helpful for people with communication difficulties.

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