Being a responsible pet owner

As a responsible pet owner, you should:

  • ensure they are microchipped and registered, so we can return them to you should they become lost
  • keep your dogs under control and on a leash in public areas and carry bags suitable for picking up after their dogs in public
  • keep your cat indoors at night to make sure it doesn't harm native wildlife or cause a nuisance to neighbours
  • keep your dog walked and entertained so it does not become a nuisance
  • comply with additional requirements if you own a restricted breed dog or a dangerous dog.

Failure to comply with some of the above may results in on-the-spot fines, or your animal being seized. Read more on responsible pet ownership.

Dog off-lead areas

The City of Maribyrnong has 12 areas where dogs can be let off their lead.

Find your nearest dog park

When using the off-lead areas, please:

  • carry a lead and ensure you keep your dog is in sight and will return when called
  • allow dogs off-lead in the designated off-lead areas only
  • comply with any other restrictions noted on Council signage (eg hours when dogs must be on a lead)
  • carry a container or plastic bag to pick up their dog's droppings.