Pet registration renewals

COVID-19 Announcement

As part of Council’s community relief package in response to the hardship felt by many as a result of COVID-19, pet registrations are now free until 10 April 2021.

Residents who have paid their pet registration for 2020/21 can get a refund by filling out the pet registration refund 2020/21 form below.

We do need residents to keep registrations up to date.

There is no need to contact Council unless, requesting a refund, updating information or the registration is no longer required (Council has renewed registrations automatically).

If you have a new pet that’s more than three months old, complete the registration application and provide all the relevant documentation so your pet can be registered correctly with no fee.

We ask the community to please be patient as we process the refunds as there are a high number of pet owners in the municipality.

Pet registration and renewal form

Pet registration refund 2020/21 (COVID-19) EFT refund request form

Quick facts regarding pet registration renewals 

  • Pet registrations must be renewed by the 10 April each year for the life of your pet.
  • Pet registration renewal forms are mailed to registered pet owners in late February - early March every year. The onus remains with the pet owner to ensure the registration is renewed even if a form is not received.
  • If you have not received a renewal notice you may request a reprint or simply renew using the Animal Reference number (please do not use the Animal Tag number). Reprinted renewal notice payments cannot be accepted at Australia Post.

Have your details changed?

Please let us know of any changes to your details, for example:

  • you have moved house to another location in the City of Maribyrnong
  • you have moved out of the municipality
  • your pet is deceased or no longer owned by you.

Alternatively, please complete the back of the renewal notice and return to us:

  • By mail: PO Box 58, Footscray  VIC 3011
  • Email:
  • Fax: 03 9687 7793
  • Text message: TXT your changes to 0488 555 512 (Please note: your own mobile carrier charges apply)