Report a nuisance animal

What should you report to Council?

You can report pets that trespass on another person's property or creates disturbing noises. This could be a dog found wandering outside the owner's property, a cat trapped in a neighbouring property, or a dog that barks continually. You should immediately report animals that cause injury or endanger the health of another animal or person.

You can also report owners who do not:

  • comply with on and off lead rules
  • clean up after their dog
  • comply with domestic animal restrictions
  • look after their pets well
  • feed or encourage the presence of feral or stray animals.

Note - for wildlife issues, please contact the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on 13 61 86.

What information should you include?

  • A description of animal, including breed (if known), colour and any markings
  • The precise details of what happened
  • The time and duration of the incident/s
  • The location of the incident or animal
  • The name and address of the owner
  • Any aggravating circumstances, such as injuries


You can report an animal or owner by submitting an online request

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