Some examples of wildlife you may encounter in this municipality include echidnas, possums, platypus, seals, frogs, kookaburras, cockatoos, galahs, lorikeets, snakes, lizards and foxes.

Native wildlife, possums or swooping birds

Council does not have legislative authority to deal with issues relating to native wildlife, possums or swooping birds. For assistance with these issues, please check the Department of Environment and Primary Industries web site, or contact Wildlife Victoria on 1300 094 535.


The warm Spring weather brings snakes out of hibernation. They are commonly found around urban waterways and wetlands. Snakes prefer to get to safety before biting but if a pet is bitten make sure you seek vet assistance immediately. Be aware when walking through grassy areas, around waterways and places where snakes are known to hibernate.

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries have the following key points to remember about living in or visiting an area with snakes:

  • If you see a snake – keep calm and try to move yourself, anyone with you and your pets away from the snake.
  • Never touch or attempt to capture or hurt a snake – instead call DELWP Customer Service Centre on 136 186 who will provide you advice or put you in contact with your nearest licensed snake catcher.
  • Have a spring clean – clean up around the house and cut lawns regularly. Snakes are attracted to shelter such as piles of rocks and timber, sheets of metal, or building materials.
  • Clean up the chook pen to deter rodents which may attract snakes as a food source.
  • Undertake first aid training, ensure your first aid kit contains several compression bandages, and if someone is bitten call 000 immediately.
  • Snakes are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. It is illegal to capture, kill or harm them. Bites can occur when people try to kill snakes.


Foxes were introduced into Australia in the 1850s and are declared a pest animal in Victoria.  

The Catchment and Land Protection Act requires land owners to remove foxes from their own property.

Although the responsibility falls on the property owner, if you have an issue with foxes on your land you can call Customer Service on 9688 0200 to request assistance. An Animal Management Officer will contact you and arrange to deliver a trap for free. If a fox gets caught in the trap provided simply contact Council again and advise immediately and the Animal Management Officer will pick up the fox.

If you notice foxes on Council or public land please report it to Customer Service on 9688 0200.