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Mapping a safer Victoria for women and gender-diverse people

YourGround is a collaboration between Victorian Councils, Monash XYX Lab and CrowdSpot, with financial support from Nike. The purpose of the YourGround collaboration is to crowdsource women and gender-diverse people’s perceptions of safety in public space across Victoria. The project was launched on April 27 and will run into July 2021.

What is YourGround? 

YourGround is an interactive map that allows you to anonymously drop a pin, tell a story or share an experience about your feelings of safety while using public space – whether for leisure, sport, exercise or play. This information will provide insights into where and how we can make our cities and towns, parks, sporting and community spaces more safe, accessible, inclusive and equitable.

Watch the short video clip below to see how it works

How to access YourGround

YourGround map is accessible across Victoria and open to anyone over 18 years identifying as a woman or gender diverse. Those under 18 years can participate with the support of an adult.

Click here to visit the YourGround website

Please note: YourGround is not an application for your device, but you can save the website to your home screen to create a shortcut.

Frequently asked questions

How will our involvement benefit the Maribyrnong community?

YourGround will provide Maribyrnong and partners’ with relevant, real-world research, data and analysis to support gender impact analyses (GIA) relating to public space as required under the Gender Equality Act 2020 and to support the objectives of our Towards Gender Equity 2030 Strategy. The data gathered will also inform our actions relating to the Women’s Participation in Sport and Active Recreation in Melbourne’s West: Action Plan for Change 2020 – 2025 by collecting information about the gendered barriers to women and girls access to sport and active recreation. Further, it will inform diversity, open space and active transport planning and evaluation activities. 

Will every issue that is raised be fixed?

We won’t be able to fix every issue raised on the YourGround platform. We will use the data and information gathered to prioritise our efforts for things like lighting projects, grant applications, partnership projects, policies, programs and evaluation activities

What if I witness illegal behaviour?

The app is not meant to be used to report illegal behaviour. If you witness something illegal or dangerous, please call your local police station or Crime Stoppers. If it’s an emergency, dial 000.

Where do I go if I need support?

1800 RESPECT are available 24/7 and provide support for people experiencing, or at the risk of experiencing, violence and abuse. They also offer advice and support to their friends, family and professionals - Phone 1800 737 732

For a specialist LGBTIQ family violence service call 'With Respect' on 1800 542 847 or visit

How is the platform moderated?

The platform will operate as post-moderation. Submissions will immediately be visible on the map and moderated afterwards if required. The platform has a profanity filter and a moderation policy. Any submission that contains a word that exists on the profanity list will not be visible on the map. The administrators will receive a notification and moderate accordingly.

How will Nike benefit from the data collected?

Whilst Nike are a financial support for the project, the data gathered will not be shared with Nike or used to inform their products or marketing activities. 

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