Disability Advisory Committee

Committee Overview

The Disability Advisory Committee (the Committee) advises Council on how to build an inclusive community that responds to the needs of community members with a disability.

The Committee meets every six weeks and comprises of nine community members, currently there are two vacancies.  The membership is representative of people with a disability, carers of people with a disability and disability specific agencies.

The Committee is chaired by the current Mayor and a Council officer is also appointed.

Meet Margherita Coppolino

Margherita Coppolino

Local resident Margherita is a photographer and industry accredited Trainer and Mediator with skills in project management, mediation and facilitation.

Margherita has extensive personal and professional experience in dealing with inclusion issues, and has served on the Boards of Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre, Action on Disability Within Ethnic Communities, Women With Disabilities Australia and Short Statured People of Australia.

Meet Pamela Debrincat

Pamela Debrincat

Pamela is a visual artist with Artlife at Footscray Community Arts Centre and is studying a Certificate 1 in Transition Education at Victoria Polytechnic.

Pamela enjoys volunteering and working with children, and likes to challenge herself with new experiences.  Pamela is the first person with intellectual disability to join the Disability Advisory Committee and is currently in her second term.

Meet Marilyn King

Marilyn King

Marilyn has 30 years experience as a Chemical Sensitivity Counsellor and is co-founder and President of W.O.W! which provides financial, emotional and practical support for unemployed people over 50.

Marilyn lives and works locally and was awarded Maribyrnong City Council’s 2013 Citizen of the Year, and is committed to improving the access of people with disability into all aspects of community life.

Meet Paul Kinna

Paul Kinna

Paul has over 20 years of working within the disability sector in employment, training and psycho social rehabilitation

Currently a teacher with Western Futures at Victoria Polytechnic, he supports young people with intellectual disability to develop independent living and working skills.

Paul believes access to meaningful employment and worthwhile activity should be available to everyone, and is committed to improving the access and connection of young people with disability to their community.

Meet Nadia Mattiazzo

Nadia Mattiazzo

Nadia is a person with vision impairment who has lived locally for 10 years.

Working as the MetroAccess Officer with the City of Yarra she plays a lead role supporting residents in the roll out of the NDIS.

Nadia has lived experience of disability as well as extensive employment experience in improving access and inclusion for people with disability, and brings a unique perspective to the DAC during this crucial period of change in the disability sector.

Meet Alex Miller

Alex Miller

Alex is a Physiotherapist who has lived and worked locally for 10 years.

Her main clinical work is with children with disability at Rosamond Special School, and her employment with Western Health focusses on improving service delivery for people with disability.

Alex has specialist skills in navigating the health disability interface which was recognised when she was selected as one of three finalists in the National Disability Awards in 2015.

Meet Steven Pham

Steven Pham

Steven is a carer for his 23 year old brother. He believes we need concerted effort to change perceptions and breakdown the invisible and attitudinal barriers that prevent full community participation and inclusion for people with disability.

His brother inspires him to use his knowledge, experience and position to empower others and to make a positive difference for people with disability in the west.

Utilising skills and expertise from his corporate career, Steven adopts and applies these attributes to the disability sector and to improving access and inclusion in our community.

Terms of Reference

You can download a copy of the Committee's Terms of Reference below.