Casserole club


Casserole Club is home cooked food made by neighbours for neighbours. It helps people share extra home-cooked food with others in their area who might not always be able to cook for themselves.

Why is it Great?

Casserole Club connects people who like to cook and are happy to share an extra portion of a delicious home cooked meal, with older neighbours living close by who could really benefit from a hot cooked meal. Casserole Club members serve up tasty, home-cooked food to their neighbours, getting more people eating and cooking fresh meals while strengthening local neighbourhood relationships with every bite.

How Does It Work?

Cooks are required to sign up on the Casserole Club website and undertake a short safeguarding process before they can search and contact local Diners. The Casserole Club team works with local organisations to help reach Diners, and we also take direct referrals including from friends and relatives.

  • Cooks sign up and complete a criminal record check and food hygiene test
  • Local recruiters find diners and help to sign them up
  • Cooks search for local Diners on the website and request contact
  • council matchmaking team approve matches between Cooks and Diners
  • Cook and Diner arrange a date and time for meal share
  • Cook delivers tasty home cooked food to their Diner

Are you interested in being a Casserole Club Cook?

Would you like a friendly neighbour to deliver you a home cooked meal?

  • Download a Casserole Club - Diner leaflet below
  • Contact us on 9688 0342 or email the Casserole Club for more information