Parking Sensors

Sensors provide accurate and consistent data which assists in managing parking conditions and controls including parking guidance, while encouraging drivers to comply with restrictions.

This technology has been introduced to a number of precinct areas within the City and will support the Councils Parking Management Plan 2017.

What is an in ground sensor and how does it work?

The in ground sensor is a small battery operated device installed underneath the parking bay to detect and record the time a vehicle parks and leaves the bay. The sensor records the arrival and departure time including the amount of time the vehicle has parked over the allowable time for that space.

Parking officers are alerted to vehicles staying over the allowable time and can determine if an offence has occurred.


How accurate are parking sensors?

Sensors are very accurate with data recorded and archived for use at a later date. Regular testing of sensors is carried out to ensure sensors are working correctly and accurately at all times.


Why introduce parking sensors?

Sensors provide data 24 hours a day seven days a week, allowing accurate analysis of parking trends.  This can result in changes to parking conditions which create efficient turnover of spaces and help increase parking availability for residents, businesses, shoppers and visitors. 


I need to do work in the road and there is a parking sensor. What should I do?

If you are opening the road for service connections within a parking bay, the parking sensors must be removed prior to works. Please contact Maribyrnong City Council at prior to commencement of works