Anti-hoon driving laws

Anti hoon laws

Victoria's anti-hooning laws

In 2006 Victoria introduced anti-hoon driving laws to contribute to the ongoing effort to making our roads safer.  These laws provide Victoria Police with the powers to impound, immobilise or permanently confiscate vehicles driven by anyone found to be driving in a dangerous manner.

What can the Police do?

Drivers that commit hoon-related offences can have the vehicle impounded or immobilised for 30 days regardless of whether the driver is the registered owner of the vehicle or not.

Repeat offenders who are found to be guilty of three hoon-related offences inside of three years can have a court deem the vehicle as permanently forfeited.  In these instances the Chief Commissioner of Police has the power to determine the manner in which the vehicle is to be disposed of whether by sale or destruction.

Furthermore, drivers that are found guilty of hoon driving offences can receive penalties of up to 240 penalty units (around $30,000) and/or face a period of up to two years imprisonment.  The driver also incurs loss of demerit points and/or a period of loss of licence.

What can I do?

If you are experiencing hoon-related drivers in your area and you know the identity of the driver, or have knowledge of hoon driving activities, or are able to provide a description of vehicles involved in hoon driving (make, model, colour, registration number) report it to Crime Stoppers.

You can remain anonymous when contacting Crime Stoppers by phoning 1800 333 000 or visit the Crime Stoppers Victoria website to submit a report online.

How to make a report

Watch the Crime Stoppers video on how you can make an anonymous report online.