Road Safety in Maribyrnong


There are over 290km of Council owned roads in Maribyrnong and ensuring community members are safe on and around roads in the City of Maribyrnong is important to Council.

This is why, in partnership with VicRoads through the VicRoads Community Road Safety Grant, Council is delivering a road safety campaign to educate residents about the fundamentals of road safety and their importance in keeping pedestrians safe.

Fundamental aspects of road safety and crossing roads safely are ‘stopping’, ‘looking’, ‘listening’ and ‘thinking’.


This campaign is supported by Council’s Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2030, a document that outlines Council’s commitment to managing and enhancing road safety for the entire community.


Click on the links below to download your copy of the brochure, poster or slideshow presentation to learn more about road safety and safely crossing the road.