At-call hard waste

Council provides one free pre-booked hard waste collection to residents each calendar year. We collect hard, metal and green waste.

Collection takes place Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (not on public holidays) following your booking.

On booking a hard rubbish collection, you will receive a letter confirming;

  • the collection date
  • the types of waste to be collected
  • a sticker to identify items for collection 
  • a brochure outlining what you can and can’t dispose of, where to place it and how to stack it.

Hard waste collections are only available for residential properties, and are not for commercial sites or businesses.

Properties with 12 or more dwellings have different collection procedures.  

Check the Hard and Green waste rules before booking.

Your hard waste will not be collected if you do not comply with these rules. We will leave a knock back notice in your letterbox to explain why. You will need to dispose of these items at a landfill or transfer station that accepts it.

Don't dump it.

Dumped rubbish not only looks unsightly but can create a safety hazard harmful to our community, it is also illegal and when caught can attract a $6200 fine. Household waste dumping ranges from a single bag of garbage, to trailer loads of hard waste including discarded white-goods, furniture and bedding. Look for other ways to dispose of your waste.


Scavenging is discouraged and it is an offence to remove items left out for hard waste or other Council rubbish collections. Offenders may be subject to an on-the-spot fine of $300 or a maximum court fine of $2,000. 

Report Dumping or Scavenging

To report dumping or scavenging, please phone us on 9688 0200 noting down as many of the offender’s details as possible, including name, age, gender, a physical description of person, address, vehicle registration number, vehicle make and model, date and time.