Report a missed, damaged, lost or stolen bin

Council provide residents with one general waste and one recycling bin for each separate rateable residential property.

Residents who have recently moved in and require new bins for the property must provide a copy, or scanned copy, of their Certificate of Occupancy showing their residential address rather than their lot number.

Missed collection

Think your bin may have been missed? Collection times vary and can take place are anywhere from 5.30am until 6pm on your designated collection day.

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours before reporting your bin as missed.

You can report a missed kerbside collection online or via telephone/in person at Council Offices.

Damaged bins

If your bin has a broken or missing lid, wheels, hinges we will repair it. Please place the bin outside your home in the place you normally put it for garbage collection.

Damaged bins may be repaired or replaced. Bins can only be replaced when empty.

If you need to keep using your bin until it is replaced please let Customer Service know when you make the request.

You can report a damaged bin online or via telephone/in person at Council Offices.

Lost or stolen bins

If a bin is lost or has been stolen you need to either obtain a police report, or fill out a statutory declaration form (attached below). The Statutory Declarations form can be signed by any one of the following: Some Council Officers, Justice of the Peace, Police Officer, Veterinarian, Pharmacist, Lawyer, Notary Public, Member of Parliament, Councillor, Minister of Religion, School Principal, Dentist, Doctor.

You will need to state what bin type and the size, as well as your contact details. Please return the completed form to Council Offices.

For any further enquiries please contact Council.