Request a new rubbish or recycling bin

New Bins

Council provide residents with one general waste and one recycling bin for each separate rateable residential property. Residents who have recently moved in and require new bins for the property should contact Council to request their bins.

Please note: For new dwellings, residents must provide a copy, or scanned copy of their Certificate of Occupancy showing their residential address rather than their lot number.

Additional bins

Residents who would like to request additional bins, including a green waste bin, can use the form below. Special rules apply to commercial properties and multi unit dwellings. All bins remain the property of Council.

Please fill out the form to request a green waste, recycling or general waste bin. Please note, only property owners are authorised to order additional bins. This is a user-pays service. Should your application be successful, the fee will be added to your rates.
I certify that I am the property owner of the said address and I am accepting the cost for this service to be included in my rates notice. * (required)
It is the ratepayer’s responsibility to notify Council if additional bins are no longer required. Charges will continue to apply until Council receives notification from the ratepayer requesting the service to end and the bins have been removed.
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