Planning controls on my property

Every property has a set of planning controls that specify when a permit is required. Different controls apply to different properties, so it’s important to understand which apply to yours.


Zones reflect the primary character of the land use – commonly residential, industrial, commercial or public uses. Read more about zones .


Overlays add another level of planning control to a particular aspect of the land, such as significant vegetation, neighbourhood character or heritage. 

Neighbourhood character guidelines  

Neighbourhood character guidelines outline the preferred character of different precincts within the City of Maribyrnong, and help guide future development. Read more about neighbourhood character guidelines.

How do I find out the controls that apply to my property?

Planning Property Report

A Planning Property Report states the relevant zones and overlays that apply to a property. A Planning Property Report can be obtained from the State Government Land website.

Zones and overlays are marked on the maps in the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.

Property enquiry

Find out if your land is subject to flooding, termites or is near designated land or works through a property enquiry.