Artsbox Residencies 2018

Resident artists are often present at various times throughout the week, so why not pop by and see what they’re up to?

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Dancing Quill: Tools

January 2018

The residency will be used to develop the first draft of an original theatre script centred around the language of domestic violence perpetrators. This multi-purpose theatre piece will open dialogue about domestic violence within the community.

The creative team includes a psychologist with a decade’s experience in the field, a playwright with a psychology degree, and a dramaturg and producer. This residency will build the relationship between the three co-creators into a safe and professional team of artists who can make tangible changes to the way domestic violence is handled by combining professional experience and the high-level communication of a quality theatre production.

The challenge is safely developing creative content based on sensitive information from real experiences. Privacy protocols among healthcare workers is an important aspect of the therapeutic relationship that they maintain with clients. Taking information from interactions in confidential settings and using them creatively without protocol can be damaging on many levels and there are safety mechanisms that can be used to protect the identity of interactions that inform training tools.

The artistic team will run a workshop that is open to the public, and writers who want to safely share stories that originate from sensitive events are invited to attend for free.



Dallas Frasca

February - March 2018
Namesake front-woman, Dallas Frasca of Melbourne based rock trio has over 900 shows under her belt, 9 international tours as well as a string of accolades during the last 12 years. Dallas along with her long term song writing partner in crime, Jeff Curran will create and develop new works for the bands 4th studio album as well as a series of online live performance with local & international collaborators during their stay.

Dallas says, ‘Being immersed in the vibrant and diverse Maribyrnong community will be nothing short of an amazing experience and we can’t wait to paint some new sounds in such an engaging and inspiring environment... We are all looking forward to this immensely.”


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Olive Gilbert and Lily Gelai

April 2018
Olive Gilbert is an emerging designer and maker based in Melbourne’s West. Working under her label Olive Made, she produces functional vessels for everyday use. Olive’s practice is informed and inspired by the vibrancy and diversity of the West. She currently works out of River Studios on the fringe of Footscray, Through the medium of textiles, Olive translates her experience of place into usable art.

Lily Gelai is an Urban Planner who takes interest i the translocal and everyday space of the city. Her studies in Australia, and Berlin spurred her interest of the market place in urban settings. Lily has grown up in the Western Suburbs and has always enjoyed people watching in the West.

For the April residency at Arts Box, Olive and Lily will undertake fieldwork amongst the shoppers at the Footscray market.  Working under the project title ‘Bag Lady’, they will investigate the relationship between place and people through the everyday use of the shopping bag. They seek to capture and celebrate the cultural and economic exchange that occurs in the market place. 

The public are invited to join for a walking tour and bag making workshop during the residency, allowing them to reflect upon the materiality of their local area. A zine will be produced at the duration of their time at Arts Box as an artefact of their experience.


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Rose Hawker

May - June 2018
Rose Hawker is a UK born, Melbourne based artist. She works in a variety of media from graphite drawings to bronze sculptures. Through her practice she looks for ways to articulate the significance of personal experiences, emotions, memories and objects. She is interested in what we as individuals hold dear to us and why and in celebrating the small and commonplace things that connect us on a human scale.  Her work is often miniature in scale, creating a one-on-one kind of experience for the viewer that complements the intimate nature of the work.

She creates work that is a monument to personal narratives of significance and by doing so aims to question the traditional concept of a monument or memorial.

During the Artsbox residency she hopes to engage with the community, discussing what is significant to them and their surroundings and asking what kind of things they would like to see a monument to. She plans to create a series of stories through drawing and sculpture that reflect what is important to both the individuals in the community, and to the community as a whole.



Ben Davis

August 2018
A man texting at a cafe while sitting across from someone, a woman eating a sandwich alone, a kid jumping in a puddle. Ben is a local artist creating drawings that zero in on the ordinary rumblings of everyday life. Attempting to find joy, sadness, humour and humanity in these tiny moments that pass us all by.

During his residency, Ben aims to explore the subtle ways we engage with the world to produce some thoughtful drawings spread across digital and physical media.


Fringe Artsbox.png

Melbourne Fringe Festival

September 2018
The Melbourne Fringe Festival is taking place from 13-30 September 2018, and during the month of September and Fringe Festival season, Artsbox will be home to some fantastic participatory art experiences! We're keeping the details under wraps for now, but all will be announced (along with the rest of the Fringe Westside program) in 2018.


Dwayne Hutton_web.jpg

Dwayne Hutton

October 2018
Dwayne Hutton is a Melbourne based painter and this is his first artist residency experience. He creates colourful abstract paintings, channelling emotions that can at times be confrontational, letting go during the process of painting so that colours collide and occur in an uncontrolled manner, the result of feeling rather than thinking. The paintings have a sense of depth, featuring large expanses of singular colour and small bursts of intense colour.

During his Artsbox Residency, Dwayne will be exploring his technique of abstract painting further and is particularly excited about the space enabling him to paint on larger format canvases, unrestricted by the volume of oil paint used or movement with which it is applied. Once completed, he will be looking for opportunities to exhibit the finished series of large abstract paintings within Melbourne. 

Instagram: hutton.painting


Maurial Spearim

November-December 2018
Maurial Spearim is Gamilaraay, Kooma, Muruwari woman, a VCA Melbourne University Graduate (BA Dramatic Arts) and recent Green Room Award nominee for best female performer, and former Victorian Miss Naidoc. Actor, soprano vocalist, poet, writer and multi-disciplinary artist, Maurial draws strength from her connection to Country and People. Her powerful performance style is thought-provoking and captivating and through her artforms she inspires audiences to connect, engage and create change.

During her Artsbox residency Maurial will be using this time to work on her new theatre play.

Image by Zan Wimberley, from Maurial Spearim's one woman play BlaaQ Catt.