Artsbox Residencies 2020

Artsbox resident artists are often present at various times throughout the week, so why not pop by and see what they’re up to? Artsbox is located in the heart of the Footscray business district, in the forecourt of Footscray Library at 56 Paisley Street Footscray.

JCorcoran - Jan.jpg

Jenna Corcoran

January 2020

Urtopia is a project about hope and creativity. This collaborative project will inspire you to describe, define, design, dance, draw, plan, photograph, perform, film and think about what your utopia would be. Urtopia is about re-engaging the imagination and pushing the boundaries of what could be possible. Join us throughout January at one of the public events where you can use your imaginative thought and action in pursuit of creating a better world.


Using visual and conceptual art, performance and text, Jenna Corcoran explores the nuances and acts of daily life - a fleeting moment, something out of place, habits, expectations and systems. Lately her arts practice has been focussing on community engagement, collaboration and integrating disciplines. Jenna will use her time at Artsbox to work on the Urtopia collaborative project, as well as on other artworks exploring utopias as creative responses to the current state of the world.



Evan Davies - February.jpg

Evan Davies

February 2020

Evan Davies is a graphic designer and artist whose work is heavily influenced by sign writing, street art, and popular culture. Having grown up in and around Footscray much of this inspiration comes from the things he sees everyday. He currently works at an in-house studio and freelance within the Melbourne arts community, creating work for various bands, club nights and parties, as well emerging creatives and artisans, while maintaining a personal practise of illustration and painting.

During this residency, Evan will create a graphic catalogue of Footscray, accumulating graphic design that shapes our perception of the suburb. From the signage of well known businesses, to the packaging of our food, the menus we read and the murals that adorn the suburb. He hopes to collate visual communication in the suburb through the lens of graphic design.


Follow Evan on Instagram @ol_darv


Aran Holland - March.png

House of Friends

March 2020

House of Friends are a west based trio made up of DJ and producers, Babycino, Gin Mendoza and DJ Yassas. Together for two years, they have been organizing music events and hosting a weekly radio show on KISS FM called Naïve Melody.


In the time that they occupy the Artsbox, they will run a pop-up radio show. Segments of programming will be aired featuring a range of DJs, musicians and artists from diverse background. The show will host interviews and discussions with guests from the west and the greater reaches of Melbourne. Live-to-air mixes, performances and musical programming will also be broadcasted.


By digitally streaming from the Artsbox, they will provide an inviting space and encourage the community to pop in, listen to music and catch some of the amazing and emerging artists from Footscray and beyond.


Between events, in the hours during the week, they will work and record a collaborative LP, utilizing field recordings and samples recorded around Footscray, with the aim to document and express their life long relationship with the West. This work will be written and recorded during their time in the Artsbox and is to be released at the end of their residency.



Catherine Clover - April.jpg

Catherine Clover

April 2020

For the Blessings of the Birds: Footscray Wild Bird Admiration Pod - A pop-up centre – all welcome!

For this residency, Artsbox will be converted into a place for the blessings of wild birds, not in a religious sense as such, but in the sense that wild birds are an important and positive dynamic force in our urban lives. Birds are key indicators of the environmental health of a place and many wild birds choose to live in cities because of the benefits of living in close proximity to people.


The first part of the residency will be spent collating information about the wild birds that live on Footscray’s city streets. The second part of the residency will be to invite the local population to chat about the birds. Visitors will be invited to advise me with translating the information into the languages local to Footscray, for example Indigenous languages such as Woi Wurrung and Wada Wurrung, as well as Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Telugu, Greek, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, and Urdu. A relaxed and informal process, I will encourage visitors to share any stories/myths they know about these birds.


This process will result in a group of written scores to be voiced by performers. Anyone interested is welcome to perform, with no expertise or training needed, just an enthusiasm to join in, connect and voice together. The final scores and voicing may or may not be realised as part of the residency.


Maxime Banks_web.jpg

Maxime Banks

May 2020

Maxime Banks is an award-winning, interdisciplinary artist, a time-traveller of the Black-American Diaspora with Chicago and Mississippi roots. A child of immigrants of the American Great Migration, she is affected by the anxiety of place through space-time gravity. Her work intersects science, visual art and creative technology with a sense of otherness across Afrofuture anamnesis, collage, multimedia, poetry, textiles and painting. Her self-portraits, both literal and psychological, are constellations of her journey as a Black woman emigrant.


Maxime is creating an Afro-galactic archive, i.e., an automythoethnography of Black portraiture, writing and identity. Her work reflects on cultural history, memory, self-sovereignty, the body of Black women and the Universe. Maxime’s art practice explores Black portraiture, quantum poetics,

Afro-Surrealism and time-travel creating thematic metaphors of hybridity. The mysteriously strange and beautiful ideas in quantum physics and Blackness ontology inspire her image-making, thinking, imagination and research. She investigates quantum entanglement, quantum tunnelling and subatomic particle ghosts as a metaphor of Black alienation and Black Joy.


Maxime is an emergent filmmaker exploring experimental, social documentary cinema. Her work transmutes memory, archives, Black portraiture, found images and sound as forms of time-travel choosing avant-garde filmmaking techniques to excavate suppressed, erased histories and cultural memories to create contemporary cultural conversations documenting Black historiography.


Image: Claudia Phares


Frances Loriente 2.jpg

Frances Loriente

June and July 2020
Having taken a series of classes at FCAC in stop motion animation with local animator David Pennay, painter and sculptor Frances Loriente sort to combine her visual arts practice with her writing and work in the music industry. Her first animation was a video clip for local indigenous artist Bart Willoughby for the song Aboriginal Reggae featuring a band of native animals. Continuing with the medium she went on to create two shorts based on poems she had written, and additional music clips, experimenting with different mediums and techniques such as morphing forms into diverse characters.  


For her residency at Artsbox Frances wishes to experiment further with this medium to create a animated tale beginning with an Indigenous story of how the whale walked on the land and became the dingo, and a contemporary tale of a wandering dog that ends up in Footscray.


Frances' animations can be seen on YouTube by clicking here.


Stephanie Hicks_Fancy 2019.jpeg

Stephanie Hicks

August 2020

Melbourne-based artist Stephanie Hicks works with drawing, artist’s books, textiles and primarily, collage. Her practice is informed by traditions of printmaking, craft and decorative arts, and a love of picture books and storytelling. The collection and arrangement of photographic images is central to Stephanie’s creative practice. Disparate fragments are brought into new relationships with one another to create a visual dialogue, or poetry.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the ANU School of Art with First Class Honours. Recent projects include: Small Gatherings, Craft Vitrine Gallery; Craft Cubed Artist in Residence, Craft Victoria; Not a love, not a jewel, not a single line, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre; and CUT, The Dirty Dozen, Melbourne. Stephanie has been shortlisted for the Wyndham Art Prize, the Banyule Works on Paper Award, the City of Hobart Art Prize and the Swan Hill Print and Drawing Acquisitive Award. Her work is held in private collections including The Peter Fay Collection and the Henry Ergas Private Collection. Follow Stephanie on Instagram @stephaniefhicks


Image by Christo Crocker.



Fiona Barbetti - September.jpg

Fiona Barbetti

September 2020
As a cross disciplinary artist Fiona explores concepts of identity, female fertility and everyday experience. A major thread throughout her work has been the exploration of female identity through concepts of home, nostalgia, and the personal journey through infertility into parenthood. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she exhibits work regularly in both solo and group shows, across Melbourne.


During her residency Fiona will continue to navigate her identity as female and mother through drawing, photography and collage. These works will form part of a greater body of work, The Female of the Species, where she is creating hybrid feminine creatures. The outcome of the residency will be a new body of work that will be used for an exhibition.


She will host a collage making workshop during her residency open to children and adults.



matto lucas - Oct-Nov.jpg

Matto Lucas

October and November 2020
Matto Lucas is a local WeFo-based artist, photographer, designer, lecturer, curator, arts facilitator, producer and podcaster.


Currently producing the Drinking with the Artist podcast and Melbourne Art Review online documentation archive of exhibition openings, Matto works as a freelance photographer and designer in addition to a multi-disciplinary arts practice that spans performance, installation, video, photography and conceptual art. Lucas has previously sat on the committee for Trocadero Art Space, One Night in Footscray and Coalesce ARI.


During this residency, Lucas will attempt to combine his arts practice, photography and love of Footscray to create a series of portraits that celebrate the various faces of the municipality. By turning the Artsbox into an impromptu photo studio, residents are invited to drop in to sit for a portrait and contribute to this multi-media portrait series.