Boys Have Skin

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 | 07:00 PM


They're gay and arguably unhappy and may self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. They'll always have each other and that's enough and also expensive underwear is nice. They're witches, also. Like, the magic kind.

Should've mentioned that sooner.

They're witches. Like with candles and chanting and looking great in black. Their undertakings are taking a toll on the town and people keep going missing and rumours are slowly finding their feet and soon maybe a labrador will find some, too. The time is coming for the boys to make a choice.

They've got the full moon in their eyes, vodka in their glasses, and blood on their hands. And the floor. And like, a bunch in their hair. From the writer of The Helendale Nude Footy Calendar and Fraternal.


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