Artsbox Artist in Residence Program


Artsbox is a vibrant, intimate converted shipping container based outside Footscray library.

It is a versatile space for artists of all career stages and creative disciplines. The short-term (six-week) residencies are suited to the development of new work, testing and exploring ideas or the development of your arts practice.

Artsbox residencies are open to artists who live, work or study in Melbourne’s West or can demonstrate a connection to the City of Maribyrnong.

Artists are encouraged to work on creative projects that use the Footscray Library Collection and/or connect to the library’s programming and community to maximise the benefits of the program for artists and the local community.

ArtsBox Residency includes

  • Six-week residency in the converted built shipping container.
  •  Stipend of $1,000 toward artist fees and/or material costs.
  • Access to Footscray Library resources including a library card, printing and use of the library conference room and assistance with connecting to the community and library programs. 

Expressions of interest are invited at different times of the year. To stay informed, please subscribe to the monthly ArtBytes e-newsletter below.

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2024 Artsbox Artists in Residence

January/February - Candy Ng 

Candy is a local Artist from Footscray, live event Illustrator, and calligrapher, who loves expressing her work in a vibrant, painterly way. Born and raised in Hong Kong's urban environment, she now draws inspiration from day-to-day life in Melbourne, infusing her art with bold colours, expressive brushstrokes, and a sense of joy and freedom.  


Additional residents will be listed later in 2024



2023 Artsbox Artists in Residence

January/February - Victoria McGinness

Victoria is a visual artist based on Wurundjeri Country. Her practice includes embroidery, textiles and painting using predominantly second-hand materials to create her work, emphasising the importance of using the plethora of resources that already exist before buying new.

February/March - Margaret Hui

Margaret was a graphic designer in Hong Kong and has been a children's art teacher for 15 years. As a self-taught artist she does not limit herself to one medium or style to create her art.

April/May - Kate Robinson

Kate is an Iranian/Australian family violence lawyer and crafter. To process the inadequacies of our justice system, Kate loves to create colourful loud craft and murals.

May/June - Isha Menon

Isha is an emerging theatremaker who makes work that is heartfelt, dramatic and irreverent. Their works are part dream and part absurd, with a healthy serving of grit and humour.

July/August - Parul Sen

Parul is a digital artist originally from Jaipur, India, and has lived in the inner west of Melbourne for the past 15 years. Her choice of colours and decluttered style is heavily influenced by her background in graphic design and the colours of Jaipur. Having worked in various mediums, she now creates artwork on an iPad using an app called Procreate. Parul’s work is a celebration of everyday scenes where the common denominators are trees and buildings in an urban setting.

August/September - Sally Walshe

Sally is a passionate local Footscray artist who has been producing art for well over a decade. Her art is hand crafted and she creates mainly limited edition LINOPRINTS. Many of her art pieces are hand painted with acrylic ink. All linocuts are created using a printmakers’ press. Her art is inspired by life, community and the neighbourhood. Lady Mohawk was created in 2022 to encourage people to step into their unique and authentic selves. With Lady Mohawk she runs linoprinting workshops, creates empowering art and is creating a healthy relationship workshop for school aged children.

September/October - Tegan Iversen

Tegan is a twenty-something-year-old artist, illustrator & curator who creates visual art inspired by this strange world we live in. Using drawing, painting & sometimes digital techniques, her work is colourful, fun & honest. Inspired by objects such as kewpie dolls & shoes, food such as hot chips & candy & nature such as flowers & the many planted pretties that live in her home, her work reflects the life she lives & the curiosity & wonders in the banal.

November/December - Laura Lethlean

Laura is a playwright and theatre maker based in the City of Maribyrnong. Her plays have been produced in New Zealand, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. Her first play, Plastic Pacific is about the origins of plastic and the ongoing plastic crisis. Her second, The Space Between the Fuel and the Fire is about the increasing similarity between news reportage and reality television. Other plays have been about the transition from childhood to adulthood, abortion, love, consent, truth, and legacy. 

2022 Artsbox Artists in Residence

February - Catalina Garzon

Catalina Garzon is an emerging local artist who draws portraits, paints and makes illustrations mixing traditional and digital techniques. She is also studying visual arts and design.

March – Fiona Barbetti

As a cross-disciplinary local artist Fiona explores concepts of identity, female fertility and everyday experience. A major thread throughout her work has been the exploration of female identity through concepts of home, nostalgia, and the personal journey through infertility into parenthood.

April – Lillian Hull 

Lillian is a participant in the Forte Mentorship Program. She is a Maiawali (that’s a nation in Western Queensland) but spent most of her childhood living in Canberra, on Ngunnawal country. Since 2015 she has worked in the theatre space as a costumier/maker, with companies such as The Australian Ballet and Creature Technology Company. During lockdown last year she rediscovered her love of painting by keeping a disciplined routine with daily practice. She is exploring developing a new business model centred around painting on second hand clothes. 

May - Sasha Cuha

Sasha Cuha is a multidisciplinary artist living in Ascot Vale with extensive experience in film production, visual arts, poetry (both performance and written) and music. Since 2019 he has been involved with Poetryspective held at Pride of Our Footscray where he has performed numerous times as a feature poet with his own live musical accompaniment. During the lockdown of 2020, he was asked to provide approx. 30 minutes of recorded poetry film for their new online presence, and from this the film 5 Fragments was born and is now under consideration for 2 international film festivals. He is a partial recipient of the Mooney Valley Council grant for Podcasting and has been working on a project The Candle which focuses on mental health issues within the arts. 

June - Deb Bain King

Artist Deb Bain-King grew up in forest country. Now living in Naarm (Melbourne). Her work is a consideration of place, drawing on the inter-connectedness of living organisms, environment and community. She has been making and showing works of art in Naarm, interstate, and overseas for almost twenty years as an artist, community activist and curator. Her practice emerges from a lot of walking, observing, and listening. Part of this creates connection to community through conversation with people she finds on her walks and research.

July - Poro Bibi

Poro Bibi is a West Papuan multidisciplinary artist, who uses storytelling through music, visual, spoken word, sound sculpture and community organising to highlight movements of resistance and the continuity of culture, particularly of First Nations people and people from migrant and refugee backgrounds like himself. His current works explore human social behaviour that include migration and reciprocity.

August/September - Talitha Fraser

Talitha Fraser’s creative practice is one of contemplative listening for what space has to say at the nexus of context, time and place. Intuitive place-based arts invite us to inquire of, and deliberately engage with, our immediate landscape and the people in it. What can we make, here? How does place or event shape creative practice, and how does practice change place, or event, or people? Their works seek to explore what responsibilities, privileges, inspirations and possibilities exist within place.

October - Olivia Floate

By way of introduction, Olivia says, “I am (mostly) a ceramicist and (sometimes) a puppeteer who makes works under the name ‘sausage woman’. My works usually have a face with lidded eyes and a mouth on them - sometimes described as ‘disquieting’. I am attracted to anthropomorphism and the spirit that may reside inside an object.”

November/December - Mimmalisa Trifilo

Mimmalisa's artwork encompasses the central themes of identity, place and context, with emphasis on alternate histories, intercultural dialogue/pedagogy, ethnobotany, and ecology. Her foundation in analogue photography has expanded across other artforms, shifting her focus from the medium and concept to relationships. For this residency, Mimmalisa experimented with the repetition of botanical elements such as leaves, flowers, and other organic matter to create tile designs through a cyanotype process.

2021 Artsbox Artists in Residence

February - Opal Onyx

Artist OpalOnyx's practice revolves around engaging the overlooked and "childish". They have an obsession with puppetry and relish in using forms of expression typically reserved for children. Using the naive and simple, they express more profound concepts in a palatable and understandable way. Sometimes starting the conversation is difficult, and they hope that their work will give people a jumping-off point to start asking questions. During their residency, Opal will research and create a series of hand-stitched banners out of the world's oldest textile; FELT. Each flag will attempt to explore and highlight issues at the forefront of social justice. Inspired by protestors' signs, they will revolve around the themes of climate justice, indigenous land rights, queer liberation and the imprisonment of refugees.

March - Fiona Waters

Local artist, Fiona Waters, works in watercolour, ink, pencil and ceramics to reflect her own intuitive, playful, cathartic and emotional desires. Her drawings and objects are unique, fluid with organic shapes, often focused on bodies, or lumpy amorphous shapes, colours and textures. For her ArtsBox residency Fiona will make a series of ceramics and drawings that respond to the ceramics books from the Maribyrnong Library Catalogue. 

April - Maxime Banks

Maxime Banks is an award-winning, interdisciplinary artist, a time-traveller of the Black-American Diaspora with Chicago and Mississippi roots. Her work intersects science, visual art and creative technology with a sense of otherness across Afrofuture anamnesis, collage, multimedia, poetry, textiles and painting. Her self-portraits, both literal and psychological, are constellations of her journey as a Black woman emigrant.

Maxime is creating an Afro-galactic archive of Black portraiture, writing and identity. Maxime’s art practice explores Black portraiture, quantum poetics and more.

May - Andy Robertson

In drawings, paintings, videos and installations Andy Robertson collects, examines and reorganises the mundane minutia of everyday life to suggest unexpected or overlooked narratives, while at the same time toying with the viewer’s expectations by introducing elements that are farcical or surreal.

He recently completed a public art commission as part of Maribyrnong City Council’s StopMOTION program, which can be seen on the traffic signal box on the corner of Droop and Donald Streets, Footscray.

June/July - Frances Loriente

Frances Loriente seeks to combine her visual arts practice with her writing and work in the music industry. For her residency at Artsbox Frances wishes to experiment further with this medium to create a animated tale beginning with an Indigenous story of how the whale walked on the land and became the dingo, and a contemporary tale of a wandering dog that ends up in Footscray.

August - Gurmeet Kaur

Gurmeet Kaur (she/her) is a writer and educator from London, currently living on the Kulin Nation (Melbourne). Her work has appeared in Rewrite Reads, Dynamis Journal and Sweet and Sour Zine. Gurmeet is an alumni of Left to Write: Poetry development program with Express Media.

During her ArtsBox residency, she will be exploring family, language and displacement in her poetry project, as well as researching local migration history at the Footscray Library. 

September - Fiona Barbetti

As a cross-disciplinary artist Fiona explores concepts of identity, female fertility and everyday experience. A major thread throughout her work has been the exploration of female identity through concepts of home, nostalgia, and the personal journey through infertility into parenthood.

During her residency Fiona will continue to navigate her identity as female and mother through drawing, photography and collage. These works will form part of a greater body of work, The Female of the Species, where she is creating hybrid feminine creatures. The outcome of the residency will be a new body of work that will be used for an exhibition.

October/November - Matto Lucas

Matto Lucas is a local WeFo-based artist, photographer, designer, lecturer, curator, arts facilitator, producer and podcaster. During this residency, Lucas will attempt to combine his arts practice, photography and love of Footscray to create a series of portraits that celebrate the various faces of the municipality. By turning the Artsbox into an impromptu photo studio, residents are invited to drop in to sit for a portrait and contribute to this multi-media portrait series.

Artist Residencies are also offered at the Bluestone Church Arts Space.