Blood. Sex. Tears.


Blood. Sex. Tears. is a participatory, immersive sound installation. Part conversational, part confessional, all real life. Presented as part of Women Of the World Festival in March 2017 for Footscray Community Arts Centre, we asked the community to talk about blood, share a story containing sex or tell the world what they knew of tears.

Unlike anything you've heard before, Blood. Sex. Tears. is real stories by real people. These recordings are used to create a multi-layered surround soundscape. Listen and be immersed within the streams of stories, secrets, joys, and pains as three simple words interconnect and collide. Inspired by the increasing reliance on the sound bite in contemporary news and entertainment, the soundscape becomes a snapshot of the community. Artists Dan Goronszy and Sharyn Brand were drawn together by an interest in challenging audiences to reveal parts of themselves, topics that have public taboo, and arts in unconventional spaces.

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