Restoration Citizens Memorial (Victory Statue)


Restoration of the Citizens War Memorial (Victory Statue) located at the entrance to Footscray Park is almost complete. The monument has been restored following a major vehicle accident in August 2017 which caused the monument to be irreparably damaged.

Council engaged experienced heritage consultant and materials conservator, Andrew Thorn (Artcare) to undertake restoration works. The six metre tall memorial comprises a two stepped Harcourt grey granite base with four turned and polished granite columns supporting a granite entablature, on top of which is the white Carrara marble statue of “Victory”. The figure stands 1.9m (6ft 3ins) to the crown of the head and has the left hand extended with a palm branch and right hand supporting a bronze miniature figure of Victory. It was built by James Taylor & Sons, Monumental Masons of Footscray. The marble statue was carved by an unknown artist and imported from Carrara, Italy.

The Citizens Memorial was erected by the citizens of Footscray and dedicated on 12 November 1922 in honour of the men of the municipality who served in WW1. In 1949 a dedication to the men and women who served in WW2 was added. Originally located within the park behind the gates, it was moved to a lawn area following the widening of Ballarat Road. In 2004 it was relocated to its current site.

Council has a duty of care as custodian of its Art and Civic History Collection to conserve the memorial, and the memory of all those who have served in the wars.


40 Maribyrnong Blvd, Footscray VIC 3011 (entrance to Footscray Park).

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