Together Apart Digital Festival

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The Together Apart Digital Festival is a weekend of digital offerings celebrating creative Maribyrnong, featuring projects supported through Council’s Together Apart Rapid Relief Fund.

Join us online this weekend for DJ sets and dance parties, kids' programming, art classes and the world premieres of new work created by artists in the West from Friday 3 – Sunday 5 July. View the program of live events below, and RSVP on Facebook to access published projects including podcasts, short films, dance videos, and interactive fiction.

Live-streamed Sessions

Friday 3 July

10am-12pm 100 Story Building: SpaceWrite Online Workshop for Kids

Calling all young writers for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pilot a craft to a new world. Join 100 Story Building as they lead you on an adventure to this new galaxy, where you will uncover the terrain and create your very own replica planet for further study. For Children aged 7-12.

WHEN 10am-12pm, Friday 3 July
COST  $15
BOOK  Here

6:30-7:45pm Cinespace: 123 Film Competition in Conversation

Join award winning-filmmaker John Kassab and community arts worker Jennifer Tran as they celebrate and explore the importance of diversity on screen. The discussion will cover Cinespace Inc.'s work, their new YouTube channel and 123 Film Competition, set up to help lift more voices from our local community.

WHEN 6:30-7:45pm, Friday 3 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

8pm-midnight Midnights presents: After Hours Radio - No Frills, Good Music

The first After Hours Radio stream (Hiphop / beats) will feature DJs Antagonize, Narumi and Spell.

WHEN 8pm-midnight, Friday 3 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here


Saturday 4 July

10am-12pm Makers Window: Zoom Clay Class

You're invited to join this free Zoom clay class and make a self-watering hanging plant pot! Pick up a a large size Take-Home clay kit outside Makers Window for a gold coin donation (311 Barkly St Footscray).

WHEN 10am-12pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

10am-12:30pm The Art Room: Casual Life Drawing

Drop in to a casual online life drawing session - held on zoom, the sessions follow the same structure as in studio classes, with a variety of short and long poses. Beginners to more experienced artists welcome.

WHEN 10am-12:30pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  $15
BOOK  Here

1-2pm The Art Room: Writing Exhibition Proposals with Melinda Martin

Join Linden New Art Director Melinda Martin in this professional development workshop for artists to learn how to write effective exhibition proposals. This session will explore a range of proposal formats and how to effectively convey your artistic practice and exhibition ideas on paper.

WHEN 1-2pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here


2:30-3:45pm Rebecca Jensen and Annabelle Balharry: Zooming in #1

Join dancer, choreographer Rebecca Jensen and Osteopath and dancer Dr Annabelle Balharry, as they inhabit the intersection of their practices. Rebecca and Annabelle will guide you through anatomy, imagery, improvised movement, science, and fiction. No prior experience necessary.

WHEN 2:30-3:45pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

4:30-6:30pm Mich Olly: Drawing native animals in Maribyrnong Live

Come spot the native animals being illustrated in the areas we feature from your stories. Tune in to see local artist Mich Olly working, and hear more about what inspires their illustration work. Kid friendly.

WHEN 4:30-6:30pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

7-8pm Miss Friby: Messages from a Mermaid in Footscray Premiere

This five part online comedy film series is taking the ‘foot’ out of ‘Footscray’ with ‘tail-mail’ like no other! Join us for the live premiere of 'Messages from a Mermaid in Footscray' this Saturday night.

WHEN 7-8pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

8-8:30pm Dandelion Wine: Pilgrimage Video Launch

Dandelion Wine premiere the video for their new single 'Pilgrimage'. Expect to hear: hypnotic lute, ethereal vocals, mechanical beats, soaring cello and glorious free drum. Expect to see: Little monsterlings undertaking an epic journey to reunite their monster family.

WHEN 8pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

8:30-9pm West Projections: 2020 Program Launch

Experimental, site-responsive and made by artists in the West -  West Projections Festival returns for a seventh year with a scaled back format in 2020!

Tune in to find out first what's in the program this year.

WHEN 8:30pm, Saturday 4 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here


Sunday 5 July

1-2pm The Art Room: Tête-à-tête with Jacqui Stockdale

Tête-à-tête is a series of online conversations with artists that are tutors and friends of The Art Room!

Join us to hear more about these artist’s practices and you’re welcome to submit questions.  These sessions are held on zoom and free to attend, book your virtual seat to receive the call link.

WHEN 1-2pm, Sunday 5 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

2:30-3:45pm Rebecca Jensen and Annabelle Balharry: Zooming in #2

Join dancer, choreographer Rebecca Jensen and Osteopath and dancer Dr Annabelle Balharry, as they inhabit the intersection of their practices. Rebecca and Annabelle will guide you through anatomy, imagery, improvised movement, science, and fiction. No prior experience necessary.

WHEN 2:30-3:45pm, Sunday 5 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

4:44pm Tēnei tō Mātou Kāinga: Bats, Moths & Centipedes - What we lose in the dark...

At the seat of Te Pō, where we navigate the Dark, the Unknown, undefined, limitless potential. With the coming Te Rakaunui//full moon on July 5, at 4.44pm, Irihipeti Waretini, Bella Waru & Marcelina Te Arohanui release their debut collaboration; a short film of moving portraiture & resonant sound.

Interpreting the realms & lessons of Te Pō, its kaitiaki & guides - through the eyes & minds of one whanau, one home, three generations of Indigenous vision.

WHEN 4:44pm, Sunday 5 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

5-6:30pm Sundays with Wit: Exploring Improv

Join Wit Incorporated for this online workshop exploring the unscripted and unexpected. Laura Buskes (Assistant Artistic Director of The Improv Conspiracy Theatre) will introduce some of the basics of improv, and then dive into how improv techniques can be applied to your acting practice and character work.

The workshop will include exercises around using physicality to find character, as well as emotional reactions and response. Hosted via Zoom

WHEN 5-6:30pm, Sunday 5 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here

6-7:15pm Lana Schwarcz: Lovely Lady Lump Online

Lovely Lady Lump has won hearts and pressed hands to breasts all over the world. After years of telling people it'd never be online, now it is!

So what's it about? I’ll start by telling you I’m ok. I have a pesky Cancer tumour in my left nork, but I’m not dying and I’m the luckiest person in the entire world. Jokes, truths and poignant bits from a performer who survived Breast cancer.

WHEN 6pm, Sunday 5 July
COST  Pay what you can, $0-30

7-7:30pm Kittling: Live DJ Set

To celebrate the upcoming launch of their new single Right Ourselves, queer producer and singer Kittling is live-streaming a series of isolation-themed DJ nights over the month of June.

Exploring themes like loneliness & sexuality, join them for a dancefloor catharsis, and live DJ set broadcast via YouTube Live.

WHEN 7pm, Sunday 5 July
COST  Free
RSVP  Here


Published Projects

Fury: Bog Roll Quest

The virus has arrived and for once you're prepared! You bought a fully stocked bunker and everything! Unfortunately the folks at A Very Normal Company neglected to include any toilet paper. Venture into the world full of toilet paper cults, baby A.I.s, lesbian separatists and abandoned Aldi's on a journey to secure this coveted commodity.

Commercial St Dance Studio: 6 Portraits

Dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher and Artistic Director of the Maidstone-based Commercial St Dance Studio Andy Howitt was awarded a grant to create a series of 6 dance videos. These ‘6 Portraits’ explore the themes of solitude, isolation and seclusion through dance. The videos reflect on Andy’s work, teaching, space, art form and our future.

Drinking With the Artist Podcast

Elizaveta and Matto are back with a new season of Drinking With the Artist!

Affectionately subtitled "West Side Stories" Season 3 sees the duo sharing a bottle of "Taking The Mickey" Shiraz with a number of West Side creatives, and includes other Together Apart artists; Karima Baadilla, Ollie Crafter and April Chandler, Narinda Cook, and Devon Taylor, recorded from the safety of quarantine.

Always professional, and only semi-confessional.

FCAC Radio

FCAC Radio is a podcast series produced by Footscray Community Arts Centre, a not-for-profit, independently-run community arts organisation, platforming artists, creatives and stories in Melbourne’s West and beyond.

Each episode engages an FCAC artist from our communities of focus: First Nations, CALD, LGBQTIA+ and artists with disability. This series is keeping our artists, communities and audiences connected during this difficult time.

Evan Davies: Footscray Eclectic

Evan Davies: Footscray Eclectic

Footscray Eclectic is a typeface that celebrates the plethora of cultural backgrounds that make up the suburb of Footscray. The font is a momento that captures the varied visual spectacle of the suburb through the lease of graphic design and signage. A display font in which every glyph is informed by a different piece of signage in the central business district of the suburb. The typeface is available for download and accompanied by a specimen that includes sample usage and reference to specific signage each letter is taken from.

Open Close Gallery: Portraits of Mari(byrnong)

Open Close Gallery presents  – Portraits of Mari(byrnong).The pandemic have changed so many lives, businesses and how we all interact with each other. A portrait tells a story from a first person’s account, it vividly illustrates the event of our current pandemic in the context of real lives. How has their life changed, how are they navigating their life and work - how they are coping, and perhaps by sharing these stories we will all feel less alone. We strongly believe that our project is about hope, that while our current situation might looks strange, we are resilient, generous , adaptable and caring as a community.

Genevieve Butler: Penelopa Does ISO Alone

A series of short documentary videos that follow Penelopa* as she navigates isolation in the time of COVID-19. These videos are a reflective journal of sorts, documenting Penelopa’s personal yet universal journey through this period of global isolation.

*Penelopa is the character creation of Footscray resident Genevieve Butler, a physical theatre practitioner specialising in character acting and storytelling with experience in fine arts, movement analysis, Lecoq theatre creation and Commedia dell’Arte.


Transdemic Podcast

Transdemic is a new podcast about covering the trans and gender diverse communities experiences of the current pandemic in an extraordinary time of change.

EPISODE 1. Trans healthcare and experiences of disability during the pandemic.

EPISODE 2. Policing the pandemic: Trans experiences of the ban on public gatherings, access to gender-affirming allied care like electrolysis, the ban on sex work, policing of minority communities and trans experience of prison in the pandemic.

EPISODE 3. Social isolation and love online: Trans experiences of connecting online with friends, family, romance and casual hookups.

EPISODE 4. Trans home/lessness: The positive and negative experiences of home, including creating positive spaces through art/creativity and music and aromatherapy, and community experiences of being at home with families of origin, family violence and  the experience of people without a home at all.


Trocadero: Troc Talks Online

Troc Talks Online is a series of conversations and experiments with artists whose exhibitions at Trocadero Art Space have been postponed due to COVID-19. During the extended closure since March 2020, the volunteer-led committee of artists and arts workers has remotely collaborated to produce exclusive online projects. These offer a glimpse into upcoming gallery shows and introduce the artists and their practice to the community.

Since the first episode, Troc Talks has evolved to utilise different media and social platforms. They showcase both written and recorded interviews facilitated by Public Programs Coordinator Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son, alongside video excerpts, artwork documentation, and online zines from individuals and artist groups. Most recently the Trocadero Instagram hosted a week-long ‘Artist Takeover’ by five artists from the group show, 'These are a few of my favourite things.’


Jinghua Qian and Liz Crash: Underfoot

Underfoot is a series of virtual audio tours by Liz Crash and Jinghua Qian uncovering the secret histories of Footscray.

Two old friends, both long-time Footscray residents, bring an intimate lens to local history as we travel through the archives looking for people like us: queers, migrants, radicals and artists. Blending our own stories with glimpses of the past, these snack-sized audio journeys allow listeners to explore familiar streets with fresh ears — without leaving their homes.

Yarn: Isolation Conversations

Social distancing is much harder than we thought it would be! We want to find out how artists and creatives have been affected by COVID-19. We’re learning a lot from talking to people across the globe and we hope these short videos help you feel less alone.


Ross Daniels: Yet So Far

Yet So Far is a short film by West Footscray based actor/comedian Ross Daniels. The project launched online in a world premiere in June 2020. Adhering to social distancing practices Daniels is the solo filmmaking ‘team’. He is the writer, director and plays both featured characters.

The entire movie has been shot at Daniels’ home utilising his house, yard and back shed. Yet So Far is a gentle comedy about a father and son from the fringes of Footscray society. After years of estrangement they overcome the past and the pandemic to find each other again.