Pop Up Parklets


In response to COVID-19 spatial restrictions, Maribyrnong City Council is seeking expressions of interest from business owners to install temporary alfresco seating areas or ‘parklets’ to assist in the recovery of our major activity centres.

For further information about this initiative contact Paul Shea at paul.shea@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au


What are Parklets?

Parklets are re-purposed parking bays which are designed to create spaces for pedestrian activity. They include things like seating, dining areas, greenery and bike parking facilities. With many residents still working from home, car spaces are not being used as frequently, so these bays can be re-imagined as a pedestrian space to provide a greater return to our city.

What are the benefits to the local community?

  • Provision of public amenity at no cost to business owners.
  • Pedestrian activation of vehicle dominated public space.
  • Foster neighbourhood interaction.
  • Prioritise and promote sustainable transport.
  • Help activate streets and the perception of safety.
  • Test public appetite for further street intervention.

    What are the benefits to the host?

    • Opportunity to extend seating and offer outdoor dining options.
    • Heightened visibility and street presence.

      Where are Parklets suited?

      To ensure the safety of Parklet users, Maribyrnong City Council has a specific criteria that determines site suitability.

      A Parklet can only be located in designated parking spaces which:  

      • are on a street with a speed limit of 50km/hr or less
      • are on a street with a straight road geometry ensuring uninhabited view lines for drivers
      • are parallel or 90 degrees (angled parking may be considered)
      • are on streets which are not owned by VicRoads
      • are on streets which are not clearways
      • are more than 10m from an intersection
      • are more than 20m from a signalled intersection
      • are a minimum of one parking space away from an intersection on the approach side, unless there is an extended kerb.
      • does not have utility access panels or storm drains within the parking space
      • businesses with loading bays in front of their premises may be considered pending consultation with surrounding traders.

      Who can host a Parklet?

      Any traders within City of Maribyrnong activity centres who have car parking adjacent to their property.

      Upon application, a selection of sites which meet the application criteria will be shortlisted for a road safety audit before final approval is granted.

      What fees are involved?

      Council will cover the manufacture and installation costs of the Parklets for the three month trial period. However successful ‘hosts’ will be required to monitor the parklets during operating hours and ensure they are kept clean and presentable and council must be immediately notified of any damage.

      At the conclusion of the 3 month trial period, consultation will be undertaken with local business and community to ascertain whether the project should be extended. A contribution from the host towards the upkeep of the parklet may be requested by council should an extension be agreed upon.

      How to apply?

      We strongly encourage a letter of support/petition from neighbouring businesses. To submit a favourable application, the below selection criteria must be addressed by the host:

      • Does the site meet the Location criteria?
      • The host business owner understands that a Parklet is Public space, and everyone is welcome to use it. They also understand their duty to care for the daily setup and cleanliness i.e. monitor the parklet during hours of operation.
      • The host is able to illustrate support from neighbouring businesses.
      • Note: A Road Safety Audit by an independent auditor will need to be done on the shortlisted sites before site approval is granted.

      Applications close Wednesday the 30th of September.


      Apply here