Festival City Program

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The Festival City Program promotes and cultivates the City of Maribyrnong as a vibrant, cosmopolitan City. People love participating in Maribyrnong’s festivals and a majority of residents agree that having access to festivals makes Maribyrnong a great place to live and builds pride in their City.

The Festival City program brings together and celebrates local cultures that enhance our reputation as a vibrant and creative city celebrating both the diversity and shared experiences of our communities. Since its adoption in 2010 the Festival City Program has significantly increased the size, value, number, profile and diversity of festivals in the City of Maribyrnong making our City know as Festival City.

The Festival City Program is guided by Council’s Festival City Policy(PDF, 244KB) which sets out a framework to attract, host and support the best of Australia’s festivals for the benefit of residents, businesses and cultural tourists.

Council encourages new festivals to emerge in our fast-changing and growing communities, whilst remaining flexible to ensure existing festivals flourish and attract new audiences. Council assists festival organisers to meet their objectives, partner with businesses and institutions, become more sustainable and enhance their professionalism to festival industry standards.

The Festival City Grants Program ensures a fair process of selecting and supporting economically robust, socially inclusive and culturally rich festivals that will contribute to the growth of our ever changing City. The Festival City Grants Program is managed through an the online Smarty Grants application process and is open between May 1 and June 1 annually. Applications are assessed by Council’s independent Festival Advisory Panel.

The new Festival City Calendar listing the successful Festival City Grant applicants and the Festival City Program for the year ahead will be available in August.