NGV Kids on Tour 2022


Sign up for fun take-home activity packs, as part of NGV Kids on Tour! Phone your local branch to reserve your pack, and collect in-person while stocks last.

We are Mermaids

Yolŋu artist, Djerrkŋu Yunupiŋu’s fascinating story about her life as a mermaid before she was born is retold in this making activity. Children learn the story and then make a diorama set by adding their drawings to the scene. Suitable for ages 4+

Paper Jewels

This making activity takes inspiration from the National Gallery of Victoria’s collection of jewellery. Children create something precious when they make a paper necklace featuring imagery of gold, diamonds and pearls. Suitable for ages 4+

NGV TEENS: Styling a Look with Aurie Indianna

Guided by Aurie Indianna, a Melbourne-based Fashion Stylist, young people can make a start on their art folios. Teens learn about styling and gain insights into what happens behind the scenes when they put together a ‘look’ for an imagined celebrity. Suitable for ages 12+

Art for the Whole Family!

Explore art and design, play games with friends and family and turn the school holidays into days of creativity with NGV’s Art for the Whole Family! activity booklet. Suitable for Primary school aged children and younger children with the help of an adult.



  • Tuesday, 04 January 2022 | 01:00 AM - Monday, 31 January 2022 | 01:00 AM