Maribyrnong Poetry Anthology

Published on 27 March 2020


To celebrate International Poetry Day, Cultural Diversity Week and International Day of Forests, we invite you to put pen to paper to write some poetry. These poems will then be collated, printed and bound into a unique anthology that will become part of our print and eBook collection available for all to borrow.

The anthology will be broken up into the following themes:

  • The Suburbs – what you love about living in the west
  • Colour of Culture – the richness of our cultural diverse community
  • Nature – trees, parks, gardens

This invitation is open to all ages and members of our community. If would like to add a drawing or photo please be mindful that the book will be available to the public.

We also invite you to come up with the title for our anthology. The winning suggestion will receive a bound copy of the book! Please send your works of poetry and title ideas to

We look forward to receiving and reading your works that will create an anthology celebrating our community and the people that make it. All entries need to be in by 31 May 2020.

There are many forms that poetry takes. If you would like to explore these, you can find some useful tips on poetry styles and techniques at Poem of Quotes and Family Friend Poems. You can also borrow a range of poetry eBooks at the Libby by Overdrive and BorrowBox apps.

Happy writing!