Maribyrnong Young Writers Competition 2017


Maribyrnong Young Writers Competition 2017 Prize Winners

Highly Commended:

Prep to Grade 1: Daddy Cool(PDF, 20KB) by Zach Mitchell

                           My Messy Writing(PDF, 82KB) by Sabian Bonacci

Grade 2 to 3:      The Shrinkersizer Mystery(PDF, 53KB) by Elliot Hinds

                           Please Buy Me A PS4(PDF, 31KB) by Anna Wang

Grade 4 to 6:      A Mission To Mars(PDF, 263KB) by Yup Meng Quek

                           All Because Of Tammi(PDF, 49KB) by Emily Walsh & Evie Redford


Prep to Grade 1:   The Friendship Plane(PDF, 29KB) by Samara Kukuljan

Grade 2 to 3:        The Forest Near My House(PDF, 24KB) by Johanna Wells

Grade 4 to 6:        Philippe’s Story(PDF, 49KB) by Ruby Foster-Swain