Les Mills Launch October 2018


Wear your favourite colours and join us for the launch of the new Les Mills classes. Other activities will run throughout the week with a range of prizes and giveaways to be won. Members are welcome to bring a friend for free.

Mon 8 Oct  Tues 9 Oct Wed 10 Oct
CXWorx 9am CXWorx 9am   CXWorx 9.30am  
Bodypump 9.30am Bodyattack 6.30pm    CXWorx 6pm
RPM 10.30am   Bodypump 6.30pm
Bodybalance 11.30am    Bodystep 7.30pm
Bodycombat 6.30pm   Bodybalance 8.30pm   
Bodypump 7.30pm    


Thu 11 Oct


Fri 12 Oct 


Sat 13 Oct


Sun 14 Oct

Bodystep 9.30am     Bodypump Express 6am   CX Worx 8.15am Bodypump 9am
  Bodypump 9.30am RPM 8.15am Bodystep 10.15am
  RPM 10.30am Bodypump 9am  
  Bodypump 6.30pm  Bodyattack 10.15am    


  • Monday, 08 October 2018 | 06:00 AM - Sunday, 14 October 2018 | 06:00 PM