Seasons greetings for 2019

Published on 13 December 2019

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With the decade drawing to an end, it is an opportunity to reflect on our achievements, what we have learnt, what we would do differently and prepare ourselves for the opportunities that 2020 will bring.

As you know, MAC is a very busy community facility and over the past 10 years we have:

  • welcomed 9,413,901 visits to the centre
  • provided swimming classes to over 42,000 children
  • instructed 27,030 group fitness classes
  • open for service to our community for 52,910 hours.

All of these visits, classes and programs are experiences that form memories when someone learns how to swim, achieves their fitness goal or develops a new social connection. For our staff, playing apart in improving our community’s health and wellbeing is rewarding work, but equally it gives us an opportunity to find better ways to communicate, educate and improve our systems and procedures.

Safety within the centre is the top priority for all MAC staff. With this in mind, the nationally recognised Watch Around Water program has been expanded to include identifying those most at risk of drowning by wearing a coloured wrist band (under 5 years YELLOW and 5 to 9 years RED), and to remind everyone that children must be supervised at all times near the water. The research is very clear, and we must all be vigilant with our responsibilities of never taking our eyes off or being distracted when children are in our care. MAC staff will educate people on what it means to actively supervise children and ensure that children have their bands on and they are with a supervising adult, however ultimately it is the parent or carer who must at all times supervise any child in their care around water which includes the beach, at home in the bath or by the river. Let us all work together to eliminate the tragedy of child drownings.

Some of you may have participated in the recent Customer Service survey. For those of you that did we would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences, it is valuable information that we use in our planning and reviews of the MAC services. We do however welcome feedback at any time because if something can be improved - if we know about it we have a chance to take action. If we are doing things well it’s also nice for our staff to hear that as well.

From the MAC Team we wish you a happy and safe festive season and are looking forward to an exciting 2020.

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