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Published on 18 August 2017

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Creative enterprises experience considerable and unique difficulties in the establishment phase. This is more so when the enterprise is being established by someone under the age of 30.

Arts products and services are generally not seen to be essential purchases and many creative people under 30 must rely on supplementary income to support their endeavours.

This leaves little time and resources to focus on developing essential skills in small business management such as marketing and finances.

The lack of skill base in these areas, while applicable across all start-up enterprises, means that developing an arts business is particularly complex and requires much support.

On 22 August, Council is holding Creative Enterprise at Phoenix Youth Hub, a panel session that will help young people from the West to find solutions to these issues.

Part of Victoria’s Small Business Festival, this event provides young people with the opportunity to hear from artists and arts producers who’ve made the transition from creative young person to professional, and contributes to their start up tool box on how to make a living from their art.

The Creative Enterprise panel will include Selene Batemen, Auspicious Arts Projects; Amanda Neville, artist and graphic designer; Khaled Abdulwahab, music entrepreneur; and Jenna Williams, Marketing and Engagement Manager, Footscray Community Arts Centre.

Selene Bateman said that many young artists come out of art school having limited knowledge about simple aspects of starting their own business.

“One of the main challenges young artists have is to understand what resources are available to them. Another is that their networks may still be limited, as they haven’t had the time to develop relationships with the key stakeholders in their chosen field,” Bateman said.

“At the Creative Enterprise event, I will be talking about what resources are out there for artists in terms of applying for grants and fundraising, and how auspicing can assist artists,” Bateman continued.

Creative Enterprise – from idea to business
Tuesday 22 August, 4.30-7pm
Phoenix Youth Hub
Free, registrations essential

Word from the Mayor, Cr Catherine Cumming

“The inner west is a thriving hub of arts and culture that is home to many successful creative professionals. Council is thrilled to be able to support young people in their artistic endeavours by providing access to artists in order to gain useful tips on how to turn their passion into a professional career.”

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