Meet the 2020 Committee



My name is Natalia Cuervo, I am passionate about art. I like to dance, paint, and write. As an artist, I believe in the power that art has to inspire lives and to change the mental state of a person, being at the same time a tool of relaxation and expression that allows us to generate a significant impact on our society.

For this reason, my art projects are focused on working with communities. I like to be surrounded by people who have the objective of communicating something positive and relevant to the society.

I can’t wait to be part of FReeZA and to be able to inspire young people to create great projects and ideas that inspire, motivate and remove social assumptions about perfection because art is not defined by technical approach. It is defined by passion. 



Hi, I’m Hannah Veljanovska, I go by she/her pronouns, and I love art! 

Fresh from graduating from a Bachelor of Arts and having a passion for all thing’s art, I accepted the invitation to be part of the FReeZa committee because I wanted to explore my passion for community, art, culture, gender, racial literacy, feminism and freedom. 

I am a human of many trades at the moment working as a toy library officer, nanny, community worker and artist.

I want to bring my creative and organisational skills to the FReeZa committee and am excited to collaborate with other young people to facilitate inclusive and diverse local music and arts events.


Hello! I'm Bgirl Emmy, and I'm a Bgirl by night and dental student by day. I wanted to join the FReeZA committee because of the artistic peace, love and unity it's spreading around Victoria.
As someone that is part of both the science and urban arts scene, I want to show the youth that you can equally enjoy and pursue both in your life.


I’m a rapper, dancer and video creator. I’m passionate about social justice and the power of music to enact change.
I’m so pleased to be part of FReeZA this year. I see this a unique opportunity for young people to be part of decision-making process when it comes to events. It is proved that music heals the soul.
I’m looking forward to FReeZA events to our diverse communities in the West.
In 2020 I was awarded the Youth Leadership Award by Maribyrnong City Council


Hi, my name is Kaleigh and I’m a young person living in Footscray and part of the community in the West.

I’m currently undertaking a traineeship in Metro Train driving and I have strong passion for community and empowering young people to take control of local events to further create social ties in their home area.

I love music, reading, playing guitar, doing poetry/fiction pieces. I would love to contribute to helping our local community have more events that appeal to young people, as I love Phoenix and I met many of my lifelong friends in the past during classes held there, and I want the same experience for other young people and FReeZA is just the perfect channel to deliver just that.



Hi, I'm Brede, a local musician, student, and support worker. I will soon be graduating with a Master of Music Therapy from the University of Melbourne, and recently completed a placement with the Maidstone Community Centre facilitating group and individual sessions.

I value music as an everyday resource for general wellbeing, and I'm very passionate about the ways that music can be used to support more specific mental, cognitive, and physical health needs.