Festival City Grants

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Council’s Festival City Grants Program provides financial and in-kind support for festivals that strengthen the City's profile as ‘Festival City'.
Council supports grant recipients in the form of:
  1. Funding
  2. Facilitating and providing access to Council resources, as appropriate
  3. Professional development to festival organisers
  4. Marketing and promotion of festivals.

Throughout the Festival City Grants Program, Council assists festival organisers to meet their objectives, partner with local businesses and institutions, become more sustainable and enhance their professionalism to festival industry standards. The Program is guided by Council’s Festival City Policy, which sets out a framework to attract, host and support the best of Melbourne’s festivals for the benefit of our residents, businesses and cultural tourists.

How to Apply

Applying for this grant is simple! It is managed through the online user friendly Smarty Grants application process.

The next Grant Round for Festivals is expected to open in May 2022.

All applications are assessed by Council’s independent Festivals and Visitation Advisory Panel. This ensures a fair process of selecting and supporting economically robust, socially inclusive and culturally rich festivals.

Further information

For further information or to obtain a copy of the documents on this page in a format other than what is available please contact us.

View the 2020/21 and 2021/22 Festival City Grant recipients