PCs, WiFi and printing


All Maribyrnong Libraries offer access to WiFi, computers/internet, photocopying, printing and scanning facilities for the community to use.

Computers and Internet

Maribyrnong Libraries members can access public computers available at each branch. Computers can be booked by phone or in person at your local branch. You can also access any PC which is not booked or currently in use, simply sit at an available PC with your membership information and follow the prompts on the computer.

All branches have a selection of normal access (1 hour) and express (30 minutes) PCs for use by members.

Time on normal PCs can be extended depending on demand. Speak to Library Staff to confirm.

All PCs use the Windows 11 operating system and are equipped with the Microsoft Office suite and CD/DVD reading/writing drives.

WiFi access

Anyone can connect their device to the Library WiFi through the device’s WiFi settings. You do not need to be a library member to enjoy this benefit. You must agree to the WiFi terms and conditions to enable your connection.

Printing, Scanning and Photocopying

All Maribyrnong Library Branches provide printing, scanning and photocopying facilities for library members. You will need your membership card to access these facilities. All printing and photocopying services are charged for and payable at the point of use.

To pay for printing/photocopying, funds need to be added to your library card. Our Smart Loader Station is used to add funds for printing/photocopying and accepts cash and EFTPOS. With funds added to your card, simply scan your library card barcode at the photocopier to access printing/photocopying services.

WiFi Printing

We now offer WiFi printing at all library branches.

WiFi printing requires a library membership and can be accessed via the Pharos Print app on your mobile device (iOS or Android) or through the web browser on your laptop. You will need to be connected to the Library WiFi network in order to use WiFi printing.

First time Pharos Print app users will need to enter:

  • Server Address: mccprint.maribyrnong.vic.gov.au
  • Server Port: 443

You will then need to enter your library card number and PIN to access your print job list and upload documents.

You will need adequate funds on your library account to release prints via WiFi. Funds can be added to your account at the Smart Loader Station at any of our libraries.

Once you have uploaded your document/s, selected the correct printer for your location and set your print options you can either:

  • Release the document/s via the app by pressing the ‘Print’ button (they will automatically be released from the printer); OR
  •  Scan your library card at the printer to release the documents directly from the printer (recommended for sensitive documents).

To access WiFi printing on your laptop, direct your web browser to the URL below and enter your library card number and PIN.


Printing costs

Paper size


Cost per page

A4 Black and white 20c
A4 Colour $1.80 single sided
A3 Black and white 40c
A3 Colour $3.60 single sided


Maribyrnong Libraries printing facilities do not allow for the use of user provided paper or materials.

Document scanning is available and is free of charge to send directly to your email address.

For a full list of fees and charges please visit the Fees and Charges page.