To make sure we are all staying at home and doing our part to curb the spread of COVID-19, the arts industry has had to shut venues and cancel events. This means that many of the incredibly talented young people we know are now finding that their opportunities to perform have been dramatically reduced. 

Through Isolation Creations, we hope to showcase some of these talented young people and entertain those at home searching for distractions.

Sandy Hsu, acoustic performance of Limbo

This video of the talented singer and songwriter Sandy Hsu showcases her original song Limbo. This song is featured on Sandy’s EP, She Comes to Me in a Fever Dream.

She has also created an official music video for Limbo, which can be found here. For more of Sandy’s music check out Band Camp, or follow her on Instagram


Blu3s4way, For You, Music Video

'For You' is an original song from young musician Blu3s4way, from the Kindergarten Tunes project.

See more from Blu3s4way on Spotify and Instagram.


HeshTrashDIY - Isolation Mind Exfoliation

During this time of isolation, everyone is a lot more prone to developing anxiety and poor mental health. Mind Exfoliation aims to indulge in the process of screen printing to help cleanse the mind of any negativity and keep the mind busy. This video aims to get the creative juices flowing, induce a deep relaxation through a bit of chaos that results in an artwork make the walls of your home pop!

See more on Instagram - @heshtrashdiy

Jacob - Isolation Creation

Jacob is 20 years old, currently living in the western suburbs of Melbourne. When not stuck in isolation, he is studying a Bachelor of Education. In this video Jacob shows us what he has been filling his days with, writing poetry and painting. For Jacob, the poetry is the most important part of what he does because it gives him the chance to be his most pure and vulnerable self. Writing is an outlet for him to help get through the good and rough times. And provides a way to express and be in touch with his emotions.

Hannah Veljanovska - Hannah's Open Sketchbook

Hannah Veljanovska is an artist in the West. Hannah opens up her sketchbook to share her creations and why she loves art.
Find more from Hannah on Instagram - @hannahveljanovska

Music by GentleBeatz -  Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube 

Hannah Veljanovska and Adna Farah - People of Footscray

Listen, learn and laugh with the people of Footscray. This video was made by Hannah Veljanovska with Adna Farah as part of The Ripple Effect project.

The Ripple Effect aims to connect local people and ideas through visual storytelling. See more from The Ripple Effect  at Facebook or Instagram

 Music by GentleBeatz -  Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube


The Latin Dancers - Beach Performance

Natalia, Gabby and Laura are the members of The Latin Dancers. They are passionate about performing and teaching young people and the community about traditional Latin dancing. In this video, the women hit the beach to get moving and show their skills!

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