By doing our part to keep the community safe we are all staying at home more than ever at the moment.  This doesn't mean you need to be a couch potato, its really important for both your physical and mental health its important to get moving everyday.

We have asked some of our amazing young people to help out those at home, with the best ways they have to stay active during this time. 
Stay in, have fun and follow along and get moving!

Isolation Boogie by Catalina

This first series of videos is by Catalina, a young woman who has been a fitness instructor for 7 years. The first two will take you simply through the steps, to understand them before putting them all together in a 30 minute workout you can do at home.

In the below video Catalina, will break down the steps of the Salsa:

In the next short video, Catalina show us how to do the steps in Reggaeton:


In this final video, you can put all the steps together in a 30 minute Isolation Boogie workout. Turn up the music, make some space, and have fun!

Emmy Li - Break and Isolate

 Emmy is a Bgirl (breakdancer) from Canada and hopes to help share Hip Hop culture and build on its community in Melbourne. In this video she shows some basic two-step, and beginner breakdancing (bboying / bgirling) for anyone who wants to try something a bit different at home!
Find more from Emmy on Instagram - @ramenloverli


Alhassan Habab - Quarantine Dance Challenge

While at home Alhassan Habab has set a Quarantine Dance Challenge!
In this video, he will step you through three dance moves, showing you how to do them separately, then putting them together in a routine at the end. Grab whoever is in your house and have a go!

The Latin Dancers - Step by Step Dance Tutorial

The Latin Dancers, Natalia, Gabby and Laura, are passionate about teaching young people and the community traditional Latin dancing.  Follow along at home as they take you through each step in their first tutorial.



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