Arts and Culture Strategy 2018 - 2023


The City of Maribyrnong has a vibrant arts and creative industries sector. It is home to a significant artist population, and contains a broad array of arts organisations and creative sector businesses. It is also home to a culturally rich and diverse community that is eager to participate in and engage with the arts. This Strategy elaborates the role Maribyrnong City Council will play in supporting the progress and evolution of the arts in Maribyrnong.

We feel that it is essential that a complete, reflective and responsive cultural Strategy encourages participation, celebration and creative expression throughout the municipality. It would contribute significantly to the community’s identity, its sense of place and its civic spirit. It would also greatly enhance the wellbeing and cohesion of the community, as well as economic development in the municipality. The approach of this Strategy, therefore, is focused on these essentials. It is driven by need, and addresses recognised gaps in community cultural activities. It is underpinned by principles of inclusiveness and participation; moreover, it encourages active engagement of the community in the planning, development and delivery of arts programs and projects.

Because of the natural vibrancy of the arts in Maribyrnong, the preference for Council has been to support the exciting programs that are already taking place through funding and brokering, and by commissioning only to fill gaps, rather than by developing a competing program. This approach is continued in this Strategy.

Download the full Arts and Culture Strategy 2018 - 2023(PDF, 2MB) to learn more.

Or download the Strategy 2018 - 2023 Summary(PDF, 109KB)

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