Initiated in 2014, StreetWORKS creates innovative, visual street art to enliven public spaces and discourage graffiti and tagging. The program inspires mutual respect in the community by linking artists with property owners and traders to develop themed designs for exterior sites.


The program is designed to provide professional development opportunities for artists to express and enhance their artistic practice by activating sites in the Maribyrnong neighbourhood (eg. railway abutments, bridges, property walls).

Project Outcomes

  • Showcase innovative visual art in urban environments
  • Animate identified sites
  • Discourage graffiti and tagging
  • Engage artists with community
  • Improve liveability and safety in City of Maribyrnong

Removing graffiti

If your property has been tagged, you can request a voucher to purchase a graffiti removal kit. The kit includes a graffiti removal product, exterior paint, and a paint roller and tray. Please contact us and we will organise a time to drop by.

Apply to take part

If you are interested in StreetWORKS, contact us at or call (03) 9688 0200.