Fitness FAQs

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What do I need to bring to the gym when working out?

Water bottle, towel and a great attitude.

What do I need to wear for my workout?

Runners, comfortable free-moving clothing such as shorts/tracksuit pants/leggings, singlet/t-shirt. We won’t judge you for your active wear!

Can you write me a free gym program?

Absolutely, just book an appointment through customer service or the gym staff

Do you offer re-assessment in the gym?

Yes, as part of our service to our members, members can book in to see our qualified trainers as regularly as they wish. We recommended every 6-8 weeks.

How do I book for a group exercise class?

You need to go to the kiosk and scan your card or see customer service.

Do I need to be fit to do personal training?

Not at all. Our personal trainers are help you improve your fitness levels and encourage your exercise routine.

Is there a staff member on the gym floor at all times to ask questions if I need?

There sure is, our Health Club is staffed at all times.

How often should I workout?

We recommend you exercise in general 3-4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Keep in mind that any exercise is better than none.