Adult swim lessons


Adult only lessons are conducted separately from the children lessons with 4 progressive levels. Lessons are held in the leisure pool with the more advanced levels conducted in the 50 metre pool. Please see below for details of each level.

Adult Beginners Class

(30 minute allocation, maximum 6 students)

Learn the basic foundations of swimming: confidence, breath control, body orientation and basic strokes.

Adult Intermediate Class

(30 minute allocation, maximum 6 students)

Learn to develop your swimming skills with your face in the water on your front and some swimming skills on your back. In this class learn coordinated breathing techniques while you swim.

Adult Advanced Class

(30 minute allocation, maximum 6 students)

You will need to be able to swim with at least two recognisable strokes, using correct technique. This class will build your strength and stamina until you can swim multiple laps without stopping.                      

Adult MACqua Laps

(1 hour allocation, maximum 12 students)

This class is for swimmers who have graduated out of the advanced class or can swim 50 metres of any 2 strokes. Make new friends while you build stamina, strength and improve your overall health and wellness.