Overview of the Business Permit Application Process

Step 1

Use the Permit Checklist and Business Readiness Tool


Use this tool to get an understanding of which permits you may need.

Step 2

Connect with Council’s Business Concierge Service

The Business Concierge Service will give you additional feedback on which permits you may need, and in some cases some feedback to help you with general business readiness, and advise you of the next steps based on your circumstances.

Step 3

Submit your Application

A) Simple Applications

If the concierge provides feedback that your application is ‘simple’, it means that you will only need to deal with one Council department.You will be directed towards that department and you can deal directly with the officers that will process your application from start to finish.

B) Complicated Applications

A complicated application means that you will need permits from two or more Council departments.The business concierge will help you throughout the application process to ensure coordinated communication between the Council departments and help ensure you have peace of mind that you application is being processed.

The concierge will likely recommend a pre-application meeting to give you a chance to explain your project to all the relevant Council officers and get an understanding of what will be needed as part of your applications. You’ll then be provided a tailored ‘Permit Pathway Plan’ to advise you on the steps you should follow to obtain all your permits in a timely manner.

Step 4

Permits Issued

Once you have satisfactorily navigated the permit application processes and all permit fees are paid, you will be issued with the relevant permits that allow you to open your business.