Casual Park Bookings

If you would like to celebrate an occasion in one of our parks or gardens you need to know which parks and gardens can be booked.

Booking locations

Not all parks and gardens can be booked.  Council accepts booking applications for the following parks and gardens only:

  • Coulson Gardens
  • Cruickshank Park
  • Footscray Park
  • Pipemakers Park
  • Yarraville Gardens.

Terms and conditions

Before you submit your booking application you must first read the terms and conditions.

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How to make a booking

Bookings must be submitted online.  If you require the application in a format other than online please contact us.

Please note to submit your application online you will need to create an online account.

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Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions relating to bookings in our parks and gardens.

Are there hire costs?

There are costs involved to book a space in our parks and gardens depending on the type of occasion.

The current costs are outlined below.

Type of activity
Cost (GST incl)
Wedding ceremonies
Private activity - individuals/family/business/corporate function
Community activity (50-150 people)
Commercial use (minimum)
Commercial use (high community benefit)  $151.70

Please note the costs above are subject to change without notice.

The costs outlined above do not include public liability insurance.  Council's public liability can be accessed for your activity at a cost of $28.00.

How long can I book a space for?

Bookings are accepted for a maximum of four hours during daylight hours.

Council does not permit night time celebrations in any parks and gardens.

What type of occasions can be celebrated in parks and gardens?

We accept bookings for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, family and friend gatherings, family picnics, staff Christmas parties and farewells, corporate team days and any other occasion where between 50 and 150 are expected to attend..

Below is a broad description of each of the permitted types of occasions that can be held in our parks and gardens.

Private activity - individual/family

A private activity is conducted purely for social or recreation purposes by an individual or group and will have no commercial aspect.

Private activities – business/corporate functions

A business / corporate function is conducted purely for social or recreation purposes by an individual or organisation and will have no commercial aspect eg business staff parties/picnics etc.

Community activities

A community activity is a not for profit, non fee charging activity open to the community, serving a particular local community or local organisation needs or interests eg school fetes, walkathons, community fairs.  Community activities must provide public liability cover.  Some community activities may require an Event Permit.

Wedding ceremonies

A booking must be made for any wedding ceremony.  A maximum of one wedding ceremony may be held per day in any specific area.  Confetti is not permitted, but rice and rose petals will be accepted.  Wedding ceremonies are limited to no more than 150 people.

Commercial Activity (50 – 250 people)

A commercial activity is initiated for commercial gain and could include festivals, theatrical performances, farmers markets or sporting activities aimed at attracting visitors and/or for which fees are charged.  Similarly, a commercial activity includes any organisation or individual using a public park in order to deliver a product from which that organisation will derive income or profit.

How many people can attend?

If your celebrating an occasion for less than 50 people you don't need to make a booking with Council.

If your celebrating an occasion for between 50 and 150 people you must submit a Casual Park Booking Application Form with Council.

For community events, festivals or other major events for over 150 people visit our Application for Event Permit page for more information.

Do I have to pay a bond?

Depending on the nature of your occasion Council may require a bond to be paid before your booking is confirmed.

The current bond amounts are outlined below.

Type of activity
Bond amount (GST incl)
Private activity - individual/family
Private activity - business/corporate functions (minimum)
Community use (per day minimum)
Corporate or Commercial use (minimum)

Can I put up a marquee or other structure?

No temporary structures are permitted in any of our parks and gardens.  Tables and chairs are permitted should they be required to seat guests such as for a wedding ceremony.

Under no circumstances should any item be affixed or placed in any tree or plant in any park or garden.

Do personal trainers need to make a booking?

Personal trainers do not have to make a booking with Council, however they must apply for a permit.

The following parks and gardens are permitted to be used by personal trainers:

  • Braybrook Park
  • Coulson Gardens
  • Cruickshank Park
  • Footscray Park
  • McIvor Reserve
  • Robert Barrett Reserve
  • Yarraville Gardens.

For more information visit our Apply for a personal trainer permit page.

How far in advance do bookings need to be?

Council will accept bookings for up to six months in advance only.

No bookings are accepted for any occasion to be held in excess of six months into the future.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my booking?

No refunds will be issued for cancellations that are received less than 14 days prior to the date of the booking.

Cancellation received in writing 15 days or more prior to the booking date will receive a 75% refund.

More information

If you haven't found what you're looking for in relation to making a booking in our parks and gardens please contact Council's Sport and Recreation team by phoning 9688 0200 or send an email to