Missing or Found Cats and Dogs

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What can you report to Council?

You can report lost or wandering domestic animals to us. Together we may be able to help reunite them with their owners.

For injured wildlife, please call Please call 13 000 94535 or click through here to log a case directly .

Where is the animal?

In the street

If the animal is wandering in the streets, please take note of the animal’s appearance, the time you saw it, and the location or any nearby landmarks to help us find the animal.

Please understand we may not be able to give you an update on whether the animal has been found, as many find their way home or are taken in by another concerned resident.

In my care

If you have taken in the animal, please be careful. Lost animals may be scared and unpredictable.

Our officers can come to your home or office to collect the animal. Usually we will respond within the day.

Alternatively you can take the animal to the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne, which works with Council to reunite animals with their owners or rehome them.

To Report

Call (03) 9688 0200 for urgent matters or make a request online.

Have you lost your cat or dog?

Any animals collected in the City of Maribyrnong are housed by the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne.