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If you’re planning a public or private event in any of the public spaces within the City of Maribyrnong then you may need to obtain an event permit.

An event permit will ensure the safety of all patrons involved, along with providing guaranteed exclusive use of the selected Council owned public space. A permit will also assist with sustaining our parks and gardens during public use and also detail which services are required and any conditions necessary to run your event. 

Event Guide(PDF, 2MB)


Before applying

Please read our (PDF, 2MB)Event Guide(PDF, 2MB) that will provide all of the relevant information that you need to run a successful event and then follow the steps in the IMS User Guidelines(PDF, 444KB) to complete your event application.

Minor Occasions

(Weddings, Birthday Parties, Celebrations, Small Charity Walks, Private Functions etc)

  • Require exclusive use of a Council park or reserve.
  • Attendance of 50 participants or over with a maximum of 150.
  • Uses limited to no infrastructure.
  • Are not advertising a commercial product or organisation.
  • Minimal impact on public amenity (noise, crowd, etc).
  • Two or less food vendors who are a class 4 service only (e.g. a sausage sizzle, shelf stable packaged food that does not require refrigeration i.e. drinks, chips, energy bars, whole fruit etc).

If your event includes any of these components then please submit an Open Space Parks Booking Form as you do not require an event permit.

For more information please visit our book a public park page.

Community Events and Festivals

(Commercial, Charity, Large Sporting events etc)

  • Exclusive use of a Council park, reserve or public space (Nicholson Street Mall, Yarraville Pop-up Park, Clarke Street Pop-up Park or Maddern Square).
  • Attendance of 150 participants or over with a maximum of 5000.
  • Significant infrastructure including; toilets, staging and generators etc.
  • Multiple food & beverage vendors beyond class 4 i.e. sausage sizzle.
  • May require a liquor license or occupancy permit.
  • Minor road closures.
  • The event is advertising a commercial product or organisation.
  • One day event.

If your event includes any of these components then please submit an Open Space Booking Form for Community Events and Festivals as you require an event permit.

Larger and Major Events

  • Attendance of over 5000 participants.
  • Major Road closures.
  • Commercial (ie ticketed).
  • The event is conducted over multiple days.
  • Hire of major infrastructure i.e. toilets, staging, generators etc.
  • Major impacts on public amenity i.e. fencing, noise, fireworks etc
  • Using significant building infrastructure that may require a POPE i.e. is more than 100m2.
  • Multiple Food & beverage vendors beyond class 4 i.e. sausage sizzle.
  • May require a liquor license or occupancy permit.

If your event includes any of these components then please contact the Festivals and Visitations Coordinator.


Event Permit Fees:

Community Event Permit: $151.80

Private Activity Event Permit - individual / family / corporate functions: $202.20

Commercial Event Permit (minimum): $1550.50

Commercial Event Permit (high community benefit)$364.90


Bond Fees (if required):

Community Use (per day minimum): $225.00

Private Activities (individual / families): $225.00

Private Activities - business / corporate functions (minimum): $3578.80

Corporate or Commercial Use (minimum): $3578.80


  • Fees are effective from 1 July 2023.
  • Commercial events fees are determined by the scale and community impact of the event. Organisers must contact Council’s City Experience and Visitation team to further discuss.
  • Registered not-for-profit organisations or charities may be eligible for a full fee waiver.
  • Additional fees may apply during the permitting process. 
  • Required consecutive bump-in and bump-out days require will be charged an event permit fee.


Allow plenty of time

For Minor Occasions requiring a Park Booking, full applications must be lodged at least 8 weeks before the proposed date of the booking. Whereas, for Community Events and Festivals and Larger and Major Events we require a minimum of a 3 month lead time. No event applications will be accepted outside these timeframes.

Once your application is submitted, Maribyrnong City Council will assist you with planning a successful event, while managing any public safety risks and neighbourhood disruptions.

Event insurance

All events requiring an event permit must obtain public liability insurance coverage of $20 million, this includes all event subcontractors as well. 

This will cover any personal injury or property claims that may be made against the organisation conducting the event. Public Liability Insurance must include and cover the period of setting up and breaking down of an event.

Required documentation

When submitting your event permit application you will be asked to provide the following documents:

- Event management plan 

- Risk assessment

- Emergency management plan 

- Site map 

- Public liability insurance 

- Info on subcontractors and their PLI (first aid, security, toilets, health requirements etc). 

- Waste management plan 

- Traffic / Pedestrian management plan 

- Resident and emergency services notification




Apply for an Event Permit

Applications for an event permit must be submitted by our Reserves Manager portal.  You will need to create an account prior to submitting an application.

Apply for an event permit here