Clean communities

Report dumped rubbish

Please report any littering or illegally dumped rubbish in public parks, car parks, alley ways and other public areas. This can include cars or sediment laden runoff from building sites (eg mud, paint, sand etc).


Please report air pollution, smoky vehicles and illegal dumping of waste to the Environment Protection Authority.


The use, construction or installation of an incinerator or any open air burning is not permitted. Penalties apply. This does not include barbecues. Please let us know if someone is illegally burning off.

Disposing of syringes

You can call 9688 0200 to arrange for the collection of needles and syringes in public areas such as laneways, parks and gutters.

Removing graffiti

If your property has be tagged, you can request a voucher to purchase a graffiti removal kit. The kit includes a graffiti removal product, exterior paint (in your colour of choice), and a paint roller and tray. Please contact us and we will organise a time to drop by.